Sunday, June 14, 2015

Guest Blogger - Kristen Rasor (My Assistant)

One of the hardest things about being married to an unbeliever is when your husband asks you to do something for him and you have to tell him no because your conscience won't allow. Like when my unbelieving husband asked me to make business cards for his hobby/side job that included a slogan that was not God honoring in the least. Despite his excitement I knew I couldn't do it; but how to tell him knowing he wouldn't understand and was likely to get angry?  

I prayed, asked for prayer, and waited for him to get home from work. 

And then I chickened out. 

Things were peaceful in the home, which wasn't always the case because of my faith, and I wasn't looking forward to that changing. 

The next day I knew it was only a matter of time until he asked if I had worked on the cards, so I decided to text him:

"I've been thinking about the business cards 
and I won't be able to help. My conscience 
won't allow. The slogan isn't God honoring. 
Not to take anything away from your skills 
at all though because they're off the hook 
crazy good."

And then, crickets. No reply at all. "What does THAT mean?!", I wondered. 

He came home that night, barely speaking to me, so I went for a walk and started praying hard. About two hours later he started talking and acting like nothing was wrong. "What does THAT mean?!", I wondered again. Only God knows for sure. 

It's now 5 days later and he still hasn't mentioned anything about my text or the business cards. I'm just trusting in The Lord and praying that He will use that text somehow to save him. 

If you're married to an unbeliever too, don’t lose heart in doing good. God knows what He's up to. Just keep running the course. :-)

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