Friday, February 29, 2008

You thought Todd Friel was tall--look at Keith!

Todd Friel is really not as tall as I thought after standing next to this young man. :-)

I went to the University of North Texas in Denton yesterday. Keith, is an atheist. He was on Hour 1 and spoke with Todd (Host of The Way of the Master Radio).

I tried to talk with Keith after the program but I could tell he was not interested. He said, "I'll take the risk of being wrong."

He refused to take a DVD I offered and didn't want the million dollar bill gospel tract either. Then as he hurried off down the campus stairs I said, "Please think about the things that were spoken to you today." He smiled.

If you would like to listen to the entire segment with Keith and Todd click here February 28, 2008 - Hour 1 it starts around the 40 min mark.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trish talks with Mike about one of his biggest regrets in life...

Thank you Mike for caring for the lost and for allowing me to share this video. It really is a wake up call. You have challenged me in my walk with the Lord in many ways. Your compassion for the lost is evident. I am grateful to God for bringing you into my mom's life.

(This video was filmed Feb 7 2008 in Palmdale, California).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Take a good look at this photo!

This photo was taken over a year ago in Riverside, California on my way home from work.
If you can't read the sign very well, get a good look at the second photo (below).

You should have seen me, I was laughing so hard that day!
"Liz, I've got to grab my camera! Get a look at this."

Liz was driving, so she didn't get a very good look so I found my camera and while taking a snap shot I said, "This would make a great springboard for the Gospel--it just proves we are law breakers by nature."

"It looks to me like that man is trying to cover up the sign with his umbrella." I explained.

This reminds me of Disneyland. Next time you visit Disneyland, look around. You will not see a single sign that says, "Don't walk on the grass!"

If there were signs, just imagine what all the kids would do!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Justice heard about God's justice yesterday!

This young man, Justice, was on The Way of the Master Radio yesterday during Hour 2.

Immediately after the program he said, "I was at the doctor the other day and the last thing the doctor told me was to 'find God' "

My husband and I were shocked to hear this so we asked him for clarification, "Did he say to 'find God' or 'define God!' "

"He said 'that I needed to 'find God' and that would help me out."

Then he continued, "It is just kind of I am today...right now talking about God. I would like to find Him. I've been looking. I've been asking. I guess I haven't found Him. I'm ready to.--I've been ready to."

Needless to say we (my husband, and Cameron too) spent an hour after the radio program talking to Justice about how to get right with God.

Justice, if you are reading this, I look forward to seeing you sometime at church. You are a bright young man with good questions. I hope that you cried out to the Lord yesterday, repented and placed all your trust in Christ. I really seems like God is doing a wonderful work in you. Thank you for listening to all of our answers to your questions. Please pick up that Bible we gave you and read it. There are so many answers in there. I have been thanking God all last night and today that we met you yesterday. I know it wasn't by chance! :-)

To listen click here February 21, 2008 - Hour 2 the segment starts about 20 minutes into the program.

Royce was on Hour 1 of The Way of the Master Radio Yesterday!

Click here to listen February 21, 2008 - Hour 1 the segment stars about 40 min into the program

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you leaving this behind?

I have noticed frequently, individuals leaving their Bible's behind at church. In my last church, the staff filled an entire tub with at least 20 plus Bibles, a few jackets and other miscellaneous things that people had left behind. I got to thinking, "That's interesting, no one seems to leave their cell phone, i-pod, wallet, purse, or other "valuable" things....they cling to those tightly." Then I thought further, "I wonder if we place a higher value on these material things than we do the very treasure of God's Word.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I look back now and think that I probably said some ridiculous things from the soapbox...

"I saw your open air preaching on one of the tube web sites. What are some thing you use to spring board from....I just can't keep giving away money every time i open air preach."

I have given out Ray Comfort's Million Dollar Bill Tract to draw a crowd, it really works! I am holding them in my hand on the open-air preaching video of me in Vienna, Austria. The millions look very real, but I let the listeners know that they are fake, but they don't seem to care. People still stick around and listen. I use trivia questions and that keeps them hooked. For every question answered, whether it is right or wrong, I hand them a Million Dollar Bill Tract. This way everyone gets the Gospel message.

To be honest, I have only tried using the Millions once. I am really not an open-air pro :-) I have open-air preached three times in my entire life (up to this point). Once in Santa Monica almost 10 years ago (I have been told that I was the first woman to open-air with Ray's ministry--this was a huge honor--though I look back now and think that I probably said some ridiculous things from the soapbox). The second time I open-air preached was in a movie theatre after The Nativity Story (people applauded--I was shocked and so was my husband), and then in Vienna, Austria right after escaping from a straight jacket (for the filming of The Way of the Master). Click HERE to watch the open-air video though I think this is the one you are referring to.

Ray has a great DVD on this subject called Open Air Preaching 4-in-1. I have watched this several times.

E.R. Discovers the Flaw of Postmodernism

I have never watched this show before. Then on Feb 1st Hour 2, Todd Friel (Host of The Way of the Master Radio) played back the voice portion and for a second I thought that Ray Comfort wrote the script! :-)
Today, Mark Spence (Dean of sent me the video portion. I thought you might want to see it for yourself.

Here is the link to what Todd has to say on the radio. It starts about 4 minutes in:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"What happened...why is she crying?"

"So what do you think happens to you after you die Margaret?" I inquired. I was trying to see if she would be a good candidate for The Way of the Master Radio last Thursday. "Well, I am a Buddhist, so I believe in reincarnation." She responded. "So, what will you come back as in the next life?" I questioned. "Um...I haven't done anything that bad and I've been a pretty good I would come back as another person." She explained.

"Would you like to share that on the radio?" I asked. "Sure."

While on the program, Ray Comfort held up the mirror of the 10 commandments so that Margaret could see herself according to God not according to man.

Here is what she said afterwards, "I think he wanted me to believe like him, but I am still going to be a Buddhist."

I explained to her that it wasn't necessary what Ray "wanted" but that Ray was compelled and charged by Scripture to tell her the truth. She listened. "Do you have a bible?" I inquired. "No." She admitted. "Have you ever read the bible?" I asked. "No, not at all...well I read parts of it in school...I think...during history class or something. The bible is always talked about in the books." She explained.

My encounter with Margaret was a reminder that just because I live in the bible belt I can't assume that everyone has a bible and knows what it says.

"Margaret, Jesus made claims that set him apart from every other world religion leader. Did you know that?" I questioned. "No." She said shyly. "He said that He was the way and the truth and the life and that no one could come to the Father but by him. You see, if you don't have Jesus atoning for your sins you will be in deep trouble on Judgment Day. Please consider this." She listened.

While I was sharing with Margaret Cameron Buettel, a friend from Denmark, was witnessing to Margaret's friends who claimed to be Christians. Margaret and I walked over to them and one of girls took one look at Margaret, then burst into tears, covered her face, and ran off to the bathroom inside the mall. I was shocked and so was Margaret! We both stood utterly still.

I asked Cameron, "What happened...why is she crying?" "Margaret's friend is crying because she doesn't want her to go to Hell. She saw that if Margaret died in her sins without Christ she would go to Hell and her friend didn't want that to happen to her."

If you would like to listen to the full segment it starts about 40 minutes into Hour 1. Listen HERE

Friday, February 15, 2008

Will Molly get right with God?

Molly sings for Trish on The Way of the Master Radio Yesterday!

Trish follows up with Molly after yesterday's witnessing encounter on The Way of the Master Radio. While Cameron, a friend of The Way of the Master who lives in Denmark, joins Trish for street fishing and witnesses to Molly's friend (Elias) while Molly's on the air.

They killed two birds with one stone :-)

So...will Molly and Elias get right with God? Boy, we sure hope so!

Molly and Elias, if you are reading this, thank you for being such wonderful listeners. We pray that you both will not only hear but please, please, please cry out to God for mercy and flee the wrath to come.

Listen to the full segment it starts about 20 minutes into Hour 2. Listen HERE

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chris, a pagan, shares his beliefs on The Way of the Master Radio

For those of you that were listening to Trish last Thursday. She was in sunny Southern California. Her home state. She talks with Todd Friel, via cell phone, Live on The Way of the Master Radio.

Chris wouldn't let us film the follow up but he admitted to Trish after the program that he didn't want to give up his homosexual life style. We thank God that he did listen though to the Gospel message--now he is without excuse. He mentioned in passing, "Todd was very nice to me--and I appreciate that."

Listen to the full segment HERE (It starts about 40 min. in to the program)

Trish witnesses to DJ and Mariah "live" on The Way of the Master Radio and you get to watch!

Trish from shares the Gospel with DJ and Mariah live on The Way of the Master Radio and you get to watch!

Mariah and DJ start 20 min into the program. Listen to the full segment here (copy and paste this into the url):

Monday, February 11, 2008

This is "good" ol' Memo--who you've been praying for!

This came into Fish with Trish on Saturday. I was very encouraged by it.

I just finished reading your post from today. I want you to know I will be specifically praying for that time coming when you visit your Grandma and give her the Gospel. Just to encourage you, my Grandpa just passed away. He was a hard old Marine. But God softened his heart and as he laid in ICU and could not do anything but listen, God allowed me to share the Gospel. For the first time, I am confident he got saved. His demeanor and body language and even his ability to respond and understand was amazing. Praise God! I am praying He is preparing your Grandma's heart as well as giving you the strength to share as your heart hurts for her. -Erika

By way of an update, I shared the Gospel with my Grandma "Memo" (photo taken Dec 2006), on Saturday night. She listened, but I think she is still set hard in her ways. However, I just thank God that she was alive and coherent to hear. Which means there is still time for her to repent. Thank you, to all of you who have emailed and commented on my blog. Your prayers for Memo mean a lot!

Thank you Erika for sending me this email! I find it interesting that you and your husband are called to be missionaries in Italy. This blessed my soul because my Memo is 100% Italian (and stuck in her ways). So your email really hit the spot. Thank you for encouraging me with your "hard old Marine" Grandpa--I suppose he was Italian too. :-)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I guess I'm addicted!

I'm in California at the moment and it has only been a couple of days, and yes...I've had In-N-Out Burger twice already. But to be honest, I think Emilio, my husband, is more addicted than I am--just one look at his face and it tells it all!

We had a great time and if Emilio's face didn't convince you of how good the food is, just look at Mike my step dad (below). He devoured the fries like there was no tomorrow. I think my mom (in the last photo) and I were the only normal ones yesterday. :-)

If you ever plan a trip to California you've got to try their food, but if this life doesn't permit it, that's okay because we will feast forever in heaven--truly I can't wait! In-N-Out will have nothing on God's bread! I can't wait to behold our wonderful Savior face to face.

I will leave tomorrow to go back to Texas. Departing will be hard for several reasons. First I have to leave my mom (Marlene) and step dad behind. I love them dearly and going home is always hard. I cry. But in Heaven there will be no more goodbyes and no more tears. Thank God they both are Christians--which gives me great comfort.

Second, as I depart back to Texas, I am stopping to visit my grandmother Theresa (I call her "Memo"). She is in a care facility. She refuses to eat and is dwindling quickly. I am going to share the Gospel with her one more time and tell her how much I love her. I pray she hears and that God will open her ears. It just eats me alive knowing that she is not a believer.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Am I really that crazy?--Only on a windy day!

I would never get in a car with two guys all alone--my husband would not be a happy camper --to say the least. And this is one rule of thumb when street witnessing- try to go in two's, especially if you are a women and never get in a car with two strange men! :-)

For every fishing segment I have at least three others accompaning me and one of them is my father-in-law. So rest assured Ray, Todd and all our listeners, I'm in good hands. :-)

If you weren't listening to last Thursday's broadcast of The Way of the Master Radio then this won't make any sense to you--so you'll just have to tune in! If you would like to listen to the full segment it starts about 20 minutes into the hour it was pretty lively and sounded like I was going to get caught up in a whirl wind. Click here January 31, 2008 - Hour 2 to listen!

Jered was on the second segment of the program. You might remember him. He was walking out of his yoga class at the community college. I was in the car. "Excuse me! Do you have a quick second?" Everyone in the car was laughing at me. "Trisha you are crazy." Miriam said.

It was so cold out and this pour young man must have been freezing. He walked up to the car and I explained to him what we were doing, "Sure, I'll do it--I'll be on the radio!" He said, with out any hesitation. I was relieved.

It was a windy day, to say the least and so he took my cell phone and went in his car and talked with Ray. I just love technology.

Jered seemed to be very receptive to the Gospel while he was talking with Ray and afterwards when I followed up with him. He listened intently as I spoke and seemed thankful. I just pray that he considers everything I said. He was a nice young man. I left him with several tracts and things. He was happy and so was I to get out of that windy place.

Another Interesting Thread

Speakingoffaith said... "No body is arguing over what the bible says but what the bible means" The problem with the sola scriptura argument is that the early church never believed it! Someone has to interpret the Bible and before you had the bible you had tradition that summed up the Christian faith. You also, throughout history, had tradition interpreting the Scripture, not the other way around. Do a history lesson and you will see! Jarslov Pelikan says 'the only alternative to tradition is bad tradition' and I would agree. No body is arguing that the Scripture is to have centrality to the Christian faith but to pretend that it can be it's own interpreter, apart from any sort of tradition, is simply nonsense. I'm sure we don't agree here though."

Hi Speakingoffaith, since we are not arguing over what the Bible "says", then here’s the bottom line, "Do you think that you are a good person?" "Do you think that you have kept the 10 Commandments?"

Here is a quick test to see how you do: Have you loved God above all else? That's the requirement of the First Commandment. Or have you broken the Second by making a god in your mind that you're comfortable with, a god to suit yourself—something the Bible calls "idolatry"? Have you ever used God's name in vain? Have you always honored your parents implicitly, and kept the Sabbath holy? Have you hated someone? The Bible says, "whoever hates his brother is a murderer." The Seventh is "You shall not commit adultery," but Jesus said, "Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart" (the Seventh Commandment includes sex before marriage). Have you ever looked with lust or had sex outside of marriage? Have you ever stolen or lied? On Judgment Day, will you be found to be innocent or guilty? Heaven or Hell? The Bible warns that all liars, thieves, fornicators, and adulterers will end up in Hell.

But God Himself made a way for you to be forgiven. Jesus suffered and died on the cross to satisfy the Moral Law — "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Then He rose from the dead, defeating death. That means that God can forgive you and grant you the gift of everlasting life. This is why you need a Savior--“All liars will have their part in the lake of fire” (Rev 21:8). Adulterers, thieves and fornicators (those who have sex out of marriage) will not inherit the Kingdom of God (Eph 5:5). The wrath of God came upon the Savior so that it wouldn’t have to come upon you. If you refuse God’s offer of mercy, He will give you justice, and that is a fearful thing.

I looked into the mirror of the 10 Commandments many years ago and I saw myself in true light. The Law of God had done its accusing work. I was utterly guilty and my eyes were opened! I knew that I was a wretch and that I needed a Savior. That's when I repented and clung to Christ. I have never let go, by God's grace. If you never have, please repent and trust in Jesus today--before death seizes on you. Humble yourself and seek the truth. Thank you for reading this and for taking the time to comment.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Interesting Thread!

Amontoya writes, "Father Jim is exactly right. The Bible should not be the final authority on doctrinal issues, because it never claims that authority for itself. That authority was given to the Church, which is, "the pillar and foundation of the truth," 1 Timothy 3:15."

Amontoya, there are several problems with this issue that can only be solved by fabricating a doctrine of the papacy. Once you renounce Scripture as the final authority, you are left to attempt to construct an ecclesiology which supplements that authority. The only way this can be done is by violating Scripture itself. Thus, in order to sustain the position that the church possesses the final authority on doctrinal issues, one must suppress the authority "upon" which the church is built (i.e. the Word of God given through the apostles and prophets).

The catholic position decides instead to pit Scripture against Scripture, rather than to accept the testimony of Scripture concerning authority. Secondly, every attempt has been made to make light of the catholic or orthodox traditions which contradict not only Scripture but themselves. Thus, imploding because of the faulty ecclesiastical systems upon which they are built (e.g. ecumenical councils, papacy, and psuedopigraphal writings such as the apocrypha, and the statements of Vatican I, II).

Our only hope is an authority outside ourselves, Sola Scriptura, not to be mistaken with Solo Scriptura.

2nd Timothy 3:16-17
• "All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for Doctrine, for Reproof, for Correction, for Instruction in Righteousness;
• that the man of God may be thoroughly Furnished unto all good works."

Also, please take the time to visit this link where you can find a ton of articles on Sola Scriptura. It has been very helpful to me in my research on why I believe as I do. Thank you for reading this!

Friday, February 1, 2008

You've got to read this!

This dear young man, Trey, is from yesterdays first segment on The Way of the Master Radio. He was really impacted by the Gospel. "My eyes have been opened." He said. "I had never seen it that way before." I encouraged him to get right with the Lord right there in his car. Trey really gripped my heart. He is a precious young man. I have been doing fishing segments for close to 2 years now and Trey was a rare encounter--for sure! Please pray that Trey will come to a saving knowledge of Christ--if he has not already :-)

Along the same lines, you have got to read this email that came into The Way of the Master Radio last night at about 11:30 pm. I was in tears by the time I was done reading this. This sort of email is not that common. The subject was titled "Son and Father assured of salvation thanks to WOMR"

"After being a backslidden Christian for about 2 years, I was sinking. After listening to your show for the last few days, I decided to confess my sins to God, receive the salvation from Jesus and repent of my sinful ways. I realized that I was an adulterer, a thief, a liar, a covetous blasphemer. That was this morning around 9am Pacific. I am now saved and fully converted.
I invited my 13-year-old son to listen to your show with me this evening (by podcast), and, after hearing Ray witness to Trey in Texas, my son and I talked about the issues raised. I asked him if I could ask him the same questions that Ray asked Trey, and he said yes. The result: my son has accepted his condition and the fact that he was bound to hell. I then shared with him how he can escape that plight, just as ray had stated. My son took time to privately pray in his bedroom to apologize for his sins, repent from his past and secure his salvation.
We are now both on the high road together.
God bless you and keep up the good work.
2 more for Jesus!

When I read this, I was simply overcome with tears of gratitude to the Lord. And as I write this right now, I wan't to give all glory to God for His amazing works. He is so awesome and worthy of all of our adoration and praise! Words can not express His worth!

If you would like to listen to the full segment on The Way of the Master Radio. It starts about 40 minutes into the hour January 31, 2008 - Hour 1