Thursday, July 31, 2008

A chat with a homosexual Muslim today on The Way of the Master Radio

If you didn't get to hear this segment please
listen and pray for this young man (Ali).
The hour starts at the 40 min. mark.
Click here: July 31, 2008 - Hour 1

Ali listens to Ray Comfort (below).
Ali speaking his mind.Ali listens to Todd Friel.
This is what it looked like towards the end of the segment....
Watch this short 33 second clip.

The two photos below, are of myself and Ali's family
listening to The Way of the Master Radio via their car radio.

Plus another car (not photographed) was filled with Ali's brother's
family who were listening to the local station as well.
They all got to hear the Gospel today!

The atmosphere after the segment was intense.
The group that had been with Ali was indignant
about the fact that according to them,
'he did not get to talk about his religion'.
But that was precisely what took place.
Ali spoke about his religion from the outset.

These Muslims were extremely upset and were
very intolerant towards what took place.
One in particular had some very choice words for me.
Apparently they thought the Todd and Ray should
have just listened while Ali did all the talking.
I responded kindly like the Proverbs advise...
"A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger." (Prov 15:1)

As believers we know that the reality below the surface of all this,
is that the Devil did not want a homosexual Muslim and his whole family
to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ today!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Winner for this weeks free drawing...

Congrats Jessie Laporte for winning a copy of Justin Peters' 81 page Thesis entitled, "An Examination and Critique of the Life, Ministry and Theology of Healing Evangelist Benny Hinn"!

Jessie when you get a moment, email your address to and your resource will be in the mail!

(photo of me and Justin taken when Justin spoke at Sovereign Joy Community Church).

Monday, July 28, 2008

How do you deal with your fears?

Here's an email that was sent to me and I would like to hear how you would have responded:

"I realize you are VERY busy and, most likely, won't have time to stop and write me (and that's ok!) but I was wondering if any of the Way of the Master shows talk about the 'fear of witnessing?' For me, I feel like I'm not doing enough to get the gospel problem is...for me to go up to a stranger and give out a tract, it makes me shaky just thinking about it to be honest. It's ONLY strangers though. It makes me VERY sad and weary just thinking about all the unsaved people out in the world, but It doesn't help my fear..." Jessica

Here's a portion from my response:

"I think these two radio spots from The Way of the Master Radio might help you:
Way of the Master Radio Launched! and December 22, 2006 - Hour 2 Also, I think I address the fear problem in an interview I did a while back it might help a bit. Honestly Jessie, you just have to do it or else you wont overcome your fears at all…don’t even give yourself time to talk yourself out of passing out a tract etc…just do it! And if you get rejected here’s a blog to encourage you Don't Sting Them." :-)

What would you have said? Do you have a testimony or two of how you deal with fear while sharing your faith? Is there anything that you could say to those that are struggling with fear? Feel free to post a comment or email me your thoughts at

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A toss up between mother and daughter

It was hard for me to choose between mother
and daughter for the second segment of
The Way of the Master Radio this past Thursday.
Crystal (left) was searching different religions
and Sherry (right, Crystal's mom) was a Catholic
that "sometimes goes to church". I choose to
hand the cell phone to Sherry for the segment.
And while Sherry was on the air with Todd, I
shared the Gospel with Crystal.

After the program, I made sure that Sherry and her daughter
understood the differences between Catholics and Christians namely,
the sufficiency and authority of Scripture, how one is saved, etc.
They listened and seemed to understand
what the Bible taught about how we can be forgiven.
I explained that their works of righteousness
cannot justify them but Christ can and we are to base
our faith solely in the fact that we are “justified as a gift by
His grace through the redemption which is in
Christ Jesus, whom God displayed as a propitiation
in His blood through faith.
” (Romans 3:24-25).

The Catholic doctrine of purgatory is another difference,
plus the fact that Catholics believe that man must
or even can pay or make satisfaction for his own sins
is totally contrary to scripture! Yikes!

God saves us, “not on the basis of deeds
which we have done in righteousness, but according
to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration and
renewing by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out
upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior,
so that being justified by His grace we would be made
heirs according to the hope of eternal life
” (Titus 3:5-7).

I showed them the pink and blue gospel tracts.

She and her daughter seemed very grateful.
I pleaded with the ladies that their was
nothing more important than living for Christ and
trusting in Him alone for their forgiveness.
I can only hope that they cry out to God for their eternal salvation!

The broadcast starts about 20 minutes into the program.
You can listen here: July 24, 2008 - Hour 2

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dave was the first person I asked to be on the air yesterday and he said, "Sure."

Dave was on hour 1 yesterday of
The Way of the Master Radio and believes that there
is a surpreme being and that Christianity isn't the only way.

You can listen to the program here July 24, 2008 - Hour 1

We departed ways quickly but he was really impressed
with Todd Friel (host of the program) and thought
that Todd was very respectable.

Dave took the tracts I gave him and thanked me for
approaching him yesterday. I pray that Dave's eyes
will be opened to the truth that is found in Christ alone!

Dave if you're reading this, please listen
to the second hour of The Way of the Master Radio.
I told Todd what you said and he responded
and some important things to you.
Here's the link it starts about 20 minutes into the program

Click HERE July 24, 2008 - Hour 2

Monday, July 21, 2008

Enter to Win a FREE copy of Justin Peters' Thesis!

While earning his Master's of Theology degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Justin Peters wrote his thesis on controversial healing evangelist Benny Hinn. Entitled, An Examination and Critique of the Life, Ministry and Theology of Healing Evangelist Benny Hinn, Justin's 81 page thesis exposes the famed faith healer's lies, deception, and aberrant Word of Faith theology with first hand experiences at his so-called "miracle crusades" and sound biblical analysis.

Listen to Justin today "LIVE" on The Albert Mohler Program which is a one-hour talk show hosted every weekday by Dr. R. Albert Mohler. Listen from 5:00-6:00 p.m. ET.

Here is what to do:
Leave a comment below with your name and some way for me to contact you if you win (email or blog link is fine). Comments will be opened through next Monday and a winner will be randomly chosen next Tuesday. Open to U.S. residents only.

"Justin Peters has done his homework and a great service to the body of Christ. His thesis will prove to be an important addition to anyone researching the most prolific heretic of our day."~
Bud Press, director Christian Research Service

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We rewarded him and took him out for ice cream...

Zack was on his way to get ice cream at Marble Slab when my
husband, Emilio, and I ran into him in front of a Thai restaurant.
Within seconds he was completely willing to be on the second hour of
The Way of the Master Radio which was a breath of fresh air for me.

Zack explained to me that he was a Mormon but with unorthodox Mormon theology. He was kind enough to give us his time and dialogue quite a bit about what he believed. He held to an interesting view of the soul of man, believing that man, at death, simply returned to the
electricity in the universe. Orthodox neither to Mormonism or the historic
Christian faith, Zack's view was a good place to start talking
about eternal issues. Unlike many Mormons, Zack was open to speak
about these things and had many ideas and questions about spiritual matters. So we put him on the air with Todd Friel.

After the program my husband was able to answer and refute much of
what Zack had believed and asserted about the Bible, the canon, and inspiration.

In the end,we gave Zack the good news about Christ crucified. With a knowledge of his sin, and about what Christ did on the cross. Still Zack felt that he was the measure of all things, that he would determine for himself whether or not the God of Scripture was worthy of believing in.

So we talked with him about secular humanism versus the
biblical world view and Zack listened patiently as we talked back
and forth for almost an hour. Then he said,
"I guess I've been given a lot to think about today!"

Because of his gracious attitude we rewarded him and took him out for ice cream. I got chocolate and sweet cream. Emilio ordered half chocolate and cinnamon vanilla, and I'm not sure
what Zack got something with carmel--It was something like an extra extra large. As we ate ice-cream we talked more and gave him tracts and an invite to our church. :-)

We pray that God opens Zack's eyes and grants him eternal life!

If you didn't hear to the program you can listen the broadcast

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The most important Announcement from Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort!

Listen to Ray and Kirk's important message Click HERE
Listen the special broadcast Click HERE
If you want to partner with Living Waters Click HERE

You don't want to miss this!
If you have been blessed by Living Waters,
The Way of the Master and The Way of the Master Radio
please take the time to help!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't leave home without them...

If your dog is as lazy as mine, its good to take them on a walk. Emilio and I walk "Baby" our dog almost every day. Baby draws a lot of attention. People come up and say, "How cute...what type of dog is that?" Then I usually say something like, "She's a mix of some sort...we got her when we were living in CA." Then I will hand them a million dollar bill tract and say something to the effect of, "Thanks a million for the complement on my dog!"

Dog's are great conversation starters. If I'm out and about and see someone walking their dog (I love dogs), I'll go up to them and say, "You're dog is so cute...what kind is it?" They're delighted that I paid them a complement on their pet and are happy to respond. Then, I'll say, "Since I like your dog so much here's a million bucks for you to enjoy!" I smile and so do they. Then I add, "It's a gospel tract make sure you read the message on the back." And if I they have time, and aren't in a rush to leave, I'll share the Gospel with them one to one.

The next time you take your dog on a walk bring tracts with you. Did you know that Ray Comfort said that if you find him without a tract in public he will give you 1000 dollars? That's quite a price to pay to be caught without a tract! Then one day Ray was swimming with his grand children and one said, "I gotcha grandpa! You're swimming with out a tract...Ha!" And immediately he reached into the pocket of his swimming trunks and pulled out a wet tract that was completely in tact--he had laminated it!

It's obvious how valuable carrying tracts are to Ray. He won't leave home without them and if he does, the consequence is 1000 dollars. The next time you leave the house to go to the post office, walk the dog, take the kids to the park, etc. don't leave home without a good gospel tract. You just never know when you will need one. You can find good gospel tracts at Living Waters.

Openly Homosexual US bishop Gene Robinson was forced to halt a sermon at a church in Putney, London, after being heckled

Gene Robinson, the openly gay Bishop of New Hampshire, was forced to halt his address after a one bold man repeatedly called him a heretic saying "REPENT".

Robinson, began his sermon at St Mary's Church in Putney, south-west London, by saying how sad he was that the worldwide Anglican communion was being split over the issue of homosexuality.

Watch the 1 min 43 second clip here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You're Invited to a Special Event with Justin Peters...

Hello friends you're invited to a free event at Sovereign Joy Community Church this Friday July, 18 at 7:00 pm. Our brother Justin Peters will be giving a presentation on the Word of Faith movement including current Word Of Faith issues like the recent "outpouring" in Florida with Todd Bentley. You might have heard Justin recently on The Way of the Master Radio, and Cross Talk. He has studied extensively issues pertaining to Word Of Faith and has much to share about this topic--following his teaching, there will be a special question and answer time. Hope to see you all there! Visit for more details and directions.

"The dangers of the Word of Faith Movement are as real as they are pervasive. The message from thousands of pulpits is that God wants you to be happy, healthy, and rich. But this is not biblical Christianity, as Justin Peters so adequately demonstrates in his exceptional presentation. With clarity and credibility, Peters exposes the Word of Faith Movement for what it really is—a farce. Local churches will benefit greatly from his personal experience and vast research on this important topic."

Dr. John MacArthur
Pastor, Grace Community Church Sun Valley, CA

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

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Louis Berkhof (1873 - 1957) was a Reformed systematic theologian whose written works have been influential in seminaries and Bible colleges in the United States and Canada. His systematic theology is a standard work in the field of theology. This book would be an advanced text book not an entry level text book. My husband highly recommends it for anyone who desires a greater knowledge of the historic Christian faith.

"Although you may not agree with all of Berkhof's conclusions, this is a volume that any serious student of theology will never want to be without. Berkhof writes with an exegetical mind as well as giving attention to historical theology which will guide the reader in understanding how systematic theology has come to be what it is." Emilio Ramos (Pastor, Sovereign Joy Community Church in Keller, TX)

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ray witnesses to a green-haired kilt and fishnet-wearing Wiccan with “LUCKY” tattooed on his lip

As I was walking out of the mall today
I was praying that God would lead me
to the right person who would be willing to be on
The Way of the Master Radio Hour 2 and just moments
later, as I was exiting the food court, I spotted this young man.
He was having a smoke outside.
I walked right up to him and explained to him what I was doing.
"Hi my name is Trish and I'd like to know if you would be willing
to be on a Christian radio program to talk about your faith...
are you any certain religion?" I inquired.
"Sure...I'll do it! I'm a Wiccan...I was raised one." He responded.
Then he introduced himself to me as "Lucky" so I asked,
"Is that your real name?"
"It sure is! Look at this!" He said with a big smile.
Then he pulled down his bottom lip and showed me
what it said and sure enough he even had his name "Lucky" tattooed
inside his bottom lip. He wasn't joking.
And right above his name was a piercing of some sort. Ouch!

"Lucky, I'm a Christian but can you tell me why I'd
want to become a Wiccan like you are?...
In other words, why would anyone want to be a Wiccan?" I asked.
" can believe what you want to believe as a Wiccan
and you don't have to stick to just one there aren't any rules...
it's not narrow minded so you could be any religion you want."
He explained. Ray Comfort and Todd Friel did a wonderful job of
sharing the Gospel with Lucky.
He listened to what they had to say
and afterwards he and his friends had several
questions about the bible so we stood in a small circle and
I answered each question one by one. Then I presented the Gospel message again and
explained that even if we told just one lie we are guilty
of violating all the commandments (James 2:10)
and that Christ made it clear that He is the only way to be
forgiven before a just and holy God
who will punish all those that have violated His law.
If you didn't get to listen to the broadcast
you can listen here July 03, 2008 - Hour 2

Lucky, if you are reading this, thank you for talking with me today!
I know you guys had to go, but feel free to email me
or post a comment on my blog if you want to discuss more things.
I'd be glad to talk.

Hour 1 on The Way of the Master Radio with a Satanist

I found Will (his friends call him "Oreo"--the name he prefers)
at the mall today. He wasn't hard to spot out.
He was walking through the mall with a big group of friends
and one friend stood out. She was wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt.
I stopped the group and Will was willing to talk about
his faith in "God and the Devil".
It turned out that Oreo and most of his friends
were outspoken Satanists.

Oreo talks to Ray Comfort live on The Way of the Master Radio
Oreo listened to the entire Gospel and after
the program I gave him and his friends gospel tracts.
He shared with me how he was going to be
leaving for the army in a couple of days
and so I took the opportunity to reiterate
what Ray said and encouraged Oreo to think about
what he heard on the radio before he gets stuck
in a fox hole and it's too late.
He listened and even told some of his friends to
quiet down just so he could continue to hear me out.
Thank you Oreo for taking the time to hear the gospel message.
Please get right with God before it's too late.

If you didn't get to listen to the broadcast
you can listen here July 03, 2008 - Hour 1

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What happens when two horses are pulling the load together?

Last Saturday I went with a group of youths and parents from Sovereign Joy Community Church to the Rebelution Conference. If you haven't heard of this conference its a growing movement of young people that are rebelling against the low expectations of today's culture by choosing to do hard things for the glory of God. And Alex and Brett Harris are twin brothers of best-selling author Joshua Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Don't Date the Church) they're the leading voice of this new movement.

I had a great time at the conference, I think we all did-except for the youths that came that weren't born again. They sort of had a sour attitude-but they got to hear the Gospel message and had some serious thinking to do after the conference and for that I'm grateful to God.

I was impressed with the maturity of Brett and Alex Harris. What really stood out to me was the fact that these two young men are only 19 years old and have done amazing things for God. Their website has receive something like 18 million hits, they host conferences around the U.S. and internationally, and they wrote a book, this year, called Do Hard Things (which I will be giving away for our free drawing in the weeks to come).

They struck me as being humble young men that love the Lord deeply and aren't giving in to low expectations of society. Men that aren't wasting their teen years on meaningless things like endless hours of video games, but they are men that serve God in hard ways and are challenging other young men and women to do the same.

I was reading their book, Do Hard Things, earlier today and in the 7th chapter which is called The Power of Collaboration they discuss how there is strength in numbers. They explain how a study of horses revealed that a single horse could pull an average of 2,500 pounds. Then the test was repeated with two horses. Naturally you would imagine that they could pull double the weight-equaling about 5,000 pounds. Right? But no--listen to this! Two horses working together pulled 12,500 pounds! That's five times the amount one could pull alone!

This analogy was a good reminder that God made us to work with others. There is no such thing as a "Lone Ranger" Christian. In fact, the Bible warns us of the danger of isolating ourselves from others. Listen to what Hebrews 10: 24-25 says, "And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching." Fellowship with the brethren is beautiful and is God's design for our growth and His glory. Proverbs 18:1 aptly describes a man who isolates himself, "Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment."

I like what Alex and Brett have to say earlier in the same chapter of the book, "We need to change the way we think about large projects and big ideas. Instead of focusing on our individual limitations, what if we stepped back, looked around, and asked, "Who could be motivated to tackle this with me?"

The same is true with evangelism or any ministry for that matter. Look around and ask yourself, "Is there anyone who is willing to serve with me for the glory of God? Is there anyone I can team up with?" Pray and ask the Lord for Him to bring you a special friend(s) that shares your same passions and that have your vision for the lost or for visiting widows or whatever ministry you are desiring to do. Our God is faithful and able to do more than we can ask or think!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Winner for this week is.....



You're the winner of "Don't Date the Church!"

Please email your address to and your book will be in the mail!