Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quotes worth passing on to others

"Let it be a settled principle in our minds that the first & chief business of the Church of Christ is to preach the Gospel." ~ J.C. Ryle

"A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Day at the Abortion Clinic - Aug 15, 2011

I went to my first abortion clinic last week and pleaded with ladies as they walked in to answer this question, "It's okay to kill a baby in the womb when?"

One couple pulled up quickly in a blue Chevy truck, the young lady jumped out while the man sat and waited with a child.

I had no assurance that he could hear me but I pleaded with him anyway, "God detests those that are quick to shed innocent blood. Sir, did you know the last thing to go when someone is dying is their hearing? Your conscience might be on the brink of death, sir, maybe you have suppressed the truth of God for so long that your conscience is hard but please, if you hear my voice today and there is any life left in you, don't do this! Don't kill your child. This is God's child. The lady that you dropped off is simply His vessel. The bible says, Thou shall not murder! .... Sir, I beg of you, go in and be a man and compel her to come out. Don't be a coward, sir. The bible says in the book of Revelation that cowards will not inherit the kingdom of God. Please, don't do this. Don't let her do this!"

I urged him for what seemed like an eternity but in reality it was about 5 minutes.

He slowly began to back out his truck. He appeared to be slumped over his steering wheel. I wasn't sure what to expect. But as he drove closer, I held out my hand with a tract and urgently motioned him to roll down his window. He cracked the window about 5 inches -enough for me to see the side of his face. He was beat red which is only the result of violent weeping. He couldn't lift his head to look at me.

"Sir, please, we are here for you. What is your name?"

"Michael." He answered.

"We won't leave until you go get her. Please, back up, go in and get her. Be a man, Michael, and lead her. There is hope for you today at the cross of Christ, there is forgiveness in His name today for all your sins. Turn from sin and turn to Christ. Please do this, please."

He took a deep breath, slightly lifted his head and looked up at me out of the corner of his left eye. He wiped away the sea of tears streaming down his face and nodded that he understood. He picked up his cell phone and minutes later Guadalupe walked out. She got in the car and they drove off.

One life saved today.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"I've been looking for God." Wow...

Justice, if in God's providence you happen upon this
blog please email Trish:
(she would love to know what happened to you).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

They have already forgotten...

"Who was Adolf Hitler?" I asked a young man this past weekend during Saturday night evangelism.

He quickly responded, "Oh, he was a muslim terrorist, right?"

The next guy I asked said, "I don't know…wasn't he the guy that killed the


Friday, August 5, 2011

A Powerful Grace Gem

"One hour after death!" James Smith 1864

One hour after death, WHERE shall I be?

One hour after death, WHAT shall I be?

One hour after death, How shall I be EMPLOYED?

One hour after death, What will be my FEELINGS?

One hour after death, How shall I THINK?

How differently we shall think of money, pleasure, the indulgence of our lusts, all that we now call great, grand, and desirable--one hour after death! Let us endeavor to think now--as it is probable we shall think then!
Let us place ourselves in Heaven--and try to think there!
Let us place ourselves in Hell--and try to think there!
How different will things then appear!

Read the entire writing HERE