Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 jam packed days in California --Ambassadors' Academy #5

As I was boarding on the plane from Dallas to California...I sat down in a window seat--I love window seats because I can gaze out the window and worship God for his wonderful creation--I glanced to my right and all of a sudden a young girl plops down next to me on the left and, in Spanish, says so loudly that practically five rows could hear, "Como Estas Senora???...I mean don't look old enough to be I'll call you Senorita!!!"

I replied..."Muy bien...Gracias...your Spanish is really good!" She sort of startled me because she was very outgoing and I didn't know if see was practicing Spanish for school or if she thought I didn't speak English.
Then her mom sat down and they introduced themselves. Minutes later, they explained how they were on their way to Burbank for an audition. Apparently the young 12 year old is in films--that explained her boldness when she met me.

We practically talked the entire time which was great because it made the time pass quickly. When they asked me what I "did" for a job I used Kirk Cameron's childhood acting to relate to her and then I shared about what I do for the ministry which lead me to a clear Gospel presentation. So then next time your on a plane don't forget to share your faith with the person sitting next to you.

That was the first day. Then the second day, Thursday I worked at the ministry (with the wonderful staff--photographed right Danny, Liz, Joel and Marvin) while the Academy participants where in sessions with Kirk, Ray, E.Z. Mark, Scotty, and Tony.
At noon, I went to Cerritos College to do street fishing for the radio. If you listened to The Way of the Master Radio last week, my follow-up with Petro "Nelo" Rodriguez from hour 1 went really well...he and a good friend heard the full Gospel message. And for hour 2 with Jeremiah the young Mormon man was pretty interesting. We agreed to disagree on several things. After the program, I didn't hold anything back. I shared that if he believes in the Jesus of Mormonism, then that Jesus is a different Jesus according to the scriptures. The Jesus of Mormonism is NOT the Jesus of the Bible. I took Jeremiah and his three friends through the law and he said that he would be forgiven of his sins because of "what Jesus did and all his good works". So I explained how the scriptures make it clear that we are saved by Christ alone not of anything of ourselves lest we should boast!
Switching gears to something that blessed my heart on the first day of the Academy....When I arrived at the hotel, one of the participants (Nigel Titus) who came to the Academy all the way from Cape Town, Africa said, "Trish, many people back home were asking me before I left for America 'why are you going all the way from Africa to California for just for 3 DAYS of training?!!!' and you know what Trish?...It's only the first day--and today alone was worth all the traveling!...I'm inspired and we still have two more days to go!"

If you are interested in attending, click HERE for details!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why not do this on your own?...

The One Day Evangelism Seminar last Saturday afternoon was great. We had a wonderful group of young people that joined us from Ferris, TX. ...Then we hit the streets for a time of evangelism.

If you would like to put on a One-Day Evangelism Crash Course in your's easy. Click HERE for more details!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You've waited patiently and it's here....

It's nothing like Christian Television...

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Monday, August 25, 2008

"I'm in the middle between being a Christian and a Catholic"...

Victoria was on The first hour of The Way of the Master Radio
last Thursday and the follow-up with Victoria "Vickie" went well.
At first she said she was a Christian but after she got off
the air with Ray Comfort she explained a little more...

"I go to Saint Patricks Cathedral a Catholic church
but I've been wanting to leave the Catholic faith
because I've been struggling through some of their beliefs...
so right now I'm in the middle between being a
Christian and a Catholic."

I had a guest join me from McKinney, TX.
Paige (below and right) listens to The Way of the Master Radio daily
and heard that I lived in area.
We had met briefly once before at Transformed in Dallas...
So she emailed me and we met at the mall really
for what seemed like the first time.
We hit it off right away. She and her husband own a
wonderful sub shop called New York Sub-Hub
and she took a break from a busy day at work
to drive over an hour just to join me for phone fishing.
We had a blast together! Paige helped to follow-up with Victoria
and did a wonderfully thorough job.

We made sure to communicate with Victoria the
seriousness of violating the commandments of God and
how she could be forgiven only by
repenting and putting her faith in Christ.

To listen to the broadcast you can click on August 21, 2008 - Hour 1
it starts about 40 minutes into the program.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I wanna rap for you...

Marcus was on The Way of the Master Radio yesterday.
He was really moved by the Gospel message.
Let's pray he is moved to repentance.

If you didn't get to listen to the program.
You can listen here: August 21, 2008 - Hour 2
it starts at the 20 min. mark.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't Miss the ONE DAY EVANGELISM SEMINAR this Saturday in Dallas/Fort Worth!

Discover a compassion for the lost and learn how to share your faith. The "One Day" Seminar takes several weeks of The Way of the Master evangelism training and puts it in to ONE day!

This course is designed to give you a clear understanding of biblical evangelism which results in a compassion that swallows fear and equips you to be effective in everyday life. It's designed to move you from passive to passionate in just ONE day.

If you live in or near the Dallas/Fort Worth area you don't want to miss this FREE the meeting place of Sovereign Joy Community Church in Keller, TX this Saturday from Noon-3PM. The seminar will take place in the Café. At 3PM, when the seminar concludes, there will be an opportunity to hit the streets for one hour to share our faith with the lost.

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The "One Day Seminar" changed my life forever! It is something that every Christian should be exposed to! Kim (Dallas, TX)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

News you don't want to miss--Todd Bentley is stepping down...

Todd Bentley will step down as head of Fresh Fire Ministries, after the ministry revealed he had an "unhealthy relationship" with a female staffer. That announcement comes one week after Bentley's ministry announced he and his wife were separating.

The announcement from the board of directors acknowledged that Bentley had an "unhealthy relationship" on an emotional level with the female staff member. Bentley is best known for leading a series of public meetings in Florida since April that have attracted around 300,000 people to churches and a baseball stadium.

The Canadian evangelist will also cease all public meetings, including a 38-city stadium tour of U.S. cities.

In a recent article in Charisma magazine on the meetings, editor Lee Grady said many of those who defended Bentley displayed a "lack of discernment," in part because of a "raw zeal for God."

Grady also pointed out that Bentley had serious credibility issues from the beginning of the meetings, claiming to have talked to an angel in his hotel room, and bragging about tackling a man and knocking his tooth out during prayer.

"Many of us would rather watch a noisy demonstration of miracles, signs, and wonders than have a quiet Bible study," the Christian journalist wrote. "Our adolescent craving for the wild and crazy makes us do stupid things. It's way past time for us to grow up."

Grady also criticized GodTV for telling people that any criticism of Bentley was "demonic." GodTV carried the Lakeland meetings live every night.

Article from: Allie Martin - OneNewsNow - 8/19/2008 11:05:00 AM

Monday, August 18, 2008

Enter to Win a FREE a DVD copy of "Open Air Preaching 4-in-1"

Open Air Preaching 4-in-1 is one DVD disk containing the following four programs:
- How To Preach Open Air
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- Open Air Preaching from A to Z

I've watched this DVD several times because it's that good. The first time I saw it was while I was coming back to California from an eventful time in Mexico. I was with my husband and his parents and we were returning from a fun-filled, jam-packed day of eating carne asada tacos, site seeing and of course evangelizing--and we were stuck at the border for nearly 3 hours. So we popped Open Air Preaching 4-in-1 (DVD) into my in laws mobile DVD player and we practically watched the entire thing in our was great and made the time go by fast!

Join Ray Comfort as he takes a team from David Wilkerson's church and open air preaches in Washington Square, New York, right in the middle of a Hare Krishna convention. Witness an encounter with the New York police, learn how to draw a crowd using a fake funeral, and discover how to handle "hecklers." Then go step by step though open air preaching at UCLA and other Southern California universities. Also join Ray and his team as they preach open air in Paris, Jerusalem, London, Tokyo, Santa Monica, New Zealand and Amsterdam.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I guess Ray Comfort's Million Dollar Bill Tract has been virtually everywhere...

Season 8 Auditions of American Idol
Thousands of performers descended on the Kemper Arena
in Kansas City, MO for Season 8 of American Idol...
And someone handed this young man a Gospel Tract!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"It's a movie about smoking pot." He added.

Chase was on Hour 1 of The Way of the Master Radio last Wednesday and when I spotted him he was on his way to the movie theatre. He said he was a Christian. I noticed that he was wearing a cross around his neck and so the first question I asked him was, "Why do you where that cross?" He answered, "My sister gave it to me and I wear it for good luck." What?! I thought to myself... a Christian doesn't wear a cross for good luck! That was my first clue that Chase was not a Christian.

"So what movie are going to see?" I inquired.
"Pineapple Express." He answered.
I had no idea what the film was about so he filled me in,
"It's a movie about smoking pot." He added.
"Interesting." I said out loud.
That was my second clue that he wasn't a Christian.
Naturally, I asked him if he wanted to be on the radio.
"Sure!" He responded immediately.

My husband, Emilio, did the follow-up with him and talked with him for almost an hour. Chase ended up missing his movie but he didn't mind one bit. Here's what Emilio had to say:

"He was an interesting young man with an array of philosophical beliefs. Like so many that we talk to, Chase was raised in a Christian home with Christian parents, he was even raised in the church...but he was a false convert. We got to the root of the issue with Chase, religious pluralism. Chase was a relativist through and through. Not wanting to condemn anyone, Chase could not embrace biblical Christianity as the only way. We tried showing him that his view of truth was inconsistent and that he needed to be honest...he was not a relativist, he simply used the world view when it was convenient for him. He didn't budge. But the good news is that he heard the uncompromised truth today. We hope and pray that Chase comes to the truth of the gospel which is only found in Jesus Christ, 'the way, the truth, and the life' (John 14.6)."

We gave him tracts and our contact information.

If you didn't get to tune into hear this broadcast it starts around
the 40 minute mark...listen here: August 06, 2008 - Hour 1

I decided to look up the movie "Pineapple Express" online when I got home. I went to The Dove Foundation which provides helpful reviews on movies...and as I suspected the film contains blaspheme and numerous accounts of foul language. Look for yourself at the
Language content: F-133; S-47; B-4; GD-2; JC-2; J-1; A-17; H-6...

Someone who has been born again will not delight in a movie where the entire film is centered on two characters that smoke pot night and day and then find themselves getting into endless trouble. For the Christian, we have been delivered from darkness but now we are light in the Lord and we are to walk as children of the light (Eph. 5:8). Seeing a film of this nature is definitely not fitting for a Christian.

I have made a personal commitment to not see any films that have blasphemy in them. You can too by visiting to find a list of recent contemporary movies that contain blasphemy, and a link to the producers. Then send Hollywood a message. Email them and say, “Your movie contains blasphemy. Don’t look for my money at the box office.” This was Ray Comfort's idea and Brad Snow designed the website. It's updated regularly and no doubt Pineapple Express will be added to the list soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The youth I've been taking with me for phone fishing...

I think I mentioned earlier that I've been taking some
of the youth from our church with me for phone fishing...
It's been an adventure teaching them the ins and
outs of sharing the Gospel (below are a few photos).
Not all of them are photographed but here's a couple
of the sweet young girls that join me.
This is Natalie...the sun was really bright for her...
you'll see her grabbing for her sunglasses in the last photo. :-)

Meet Brianna. She was with me last week for the
Homosexual Muslim encounter and was a real trooper.
I thought she'd be turned off from coming with me again....
but immediately when we got in the car to head back home
she said, "Trish, can I come with you next week?".

Even the cab driver was listening to the program...

Brittany was on Hour 2 of The Way of the Master Radio yesterday.
She really enjoyed talking to Ray Comfort.
Her taxi came right after she had agreed to be on the program...
I was concerned that she'd have to leave so while she was on the air
with Ray Comfort I went over to the cab driver and
motioned for him to roll down the window. I explained what
Brittany was doing and he immediately programmed his car radio to the
local land station to hear Brittany on the air! It was really wonderful...
he listened to the entire program and waited patiently for her.
She was really thankful after she spoke with Ray and Todd Friel.
All she could say to me was, "I'll really think about it...Thank you....Thank you!"

Brittany found a lot of delight in each gospel tract.

I felt as if she was like a little sister to me. We connected right away.
Afterwards, I pleaded with her to repent of her sins and place all her
trust in Christ to save her. I handed her all my contact information and
gave her some cash so that she could pay her way home.
Then I walked her out to her cab and as she was getting in the
back seat, I couldn't help but hear that the driver had the program
blaring inside the cab-- even after she was off the air.
I handed the cab driver a million dollar bill. He cracked up!
Brittany got into the back seat and I shut the cab door for her and
waved goodbye. So did she. It was evident she was very grateful.

If you didn't get to tune into hear this broadcast it starts
at the 20 minute mark...listen here: August 06, 2008 - Hour 2

Monday, August 4, 2008

Enter to Win a FREE copy of "God Doesn't Believe in Atheists"

God Doesn't Believe in Atheists, written by Ray Comfort, teaches you that it is possible to prove that the Bible is supernatural in origin. Ray Comfort points out Scriptures that are filled with medical and scientific facts written thousands of years before man discovered them, showing that the Bible has the fingerprint of God all over it. This publication shows the atheist that he doesn't exist, reveals the true motives of the agnostic, and strengthens the faith of the believer.

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"Comfort speaks lovingly, yet with fire. His logic is superb and he appeals to common sense, reason and the human conscience. This is the book that had American Atheists national spokesman Ron Barrier running scared. I highly recommend it as an apologetic to give to unsaved persons, or for Christians who want to know how to witness to atheists more effectively." Anonymous