Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fish With Trish Store Featured "Tract of the Week"

(Pay no mind to the dog in the background)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

180 Movie and The Biggest Question DVD Comes to Glenn Beck's Studios

I grabbed a box of 50 “180” Movies and The Biggest Question DVD's, put them in the car, set my GPS and headed towards Irving, TX to GBTV (Glenn Beck’s) studios – just 30 minutes from my home. After telling several people “We’re lost, can you help us find GBTV?” we found someone who could point us to the correct location. Then with DVD’s in hand we walked towards the massive building with a giant green screen on the side wall.

I hadn’t called. I hadn’t made contact with anyone. How would I get in? All these thoughts ran through my mind. And my dear friend Amy was probably thinking She’s out of her mind.

We approached the front entrance, It was obvious at first sight that only those with a badge and a special code could get in, but right as we inched up to the door a GBTV staff member did too. He put his code in and waved his badge at the reader and the door opened, wide!

“We have a free movie for all of the studio staff. Is this the best door for us to go through?” I inquired. He motioned to a different spot while mentioning that there was somewhere else but within the same breath he let us in. Within seconds we found ourselves talking to “Bobby” one of Glenn’s staff members. He took the DVD’s and said that he would “give them to Glenn and see what happens.”

Hours later I received an email from the “Assistant Editor” for “TheBlaze” (Glenn’s Website) saying: “Trish, How are you?...I'd love to see the film. Do you have it available online? If not, can I get a copy? Thanks so much! Billy Hallowell, Faith Editor/Assistant Editor”

Before we left for GBTV I asked Ray and a handful of others to pray for an "open door". That prayer was answered.

Please pray with me that God will use the DVD’s to effectively reach Glenn and his staff. And if you have a spare minute, email Glenn at: and say something to the effect of, “Dear Glenn, Trish from brought “180” DVD’s for you and your staff today. I hope you were able to watch it. and that you’ll do a program on it. It’s shocking! Sincerely, your name here

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Biggest Project in Action!

Last week our permit was rejected and we were hindered
from going to The University of North Texas (watch video
but this week was success!
A team of 18 folks handed out 2500 DVD's of
The Biggest Question for The Biggest Project very first give-away at UNT.

The Biggest Project in Action.