Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Word for Today: "Providentially Hindered"


Lori Williams said...

That was awesome....vince and i watched this together and we were cracking up at Baby.....she is just like our cat Ray. We should team the two of them up together to go tracting. haha. we'll be praying that the permit gets worked out!


Anonymous said...

so sad that ya'll couldn't go and as soon as u said pray for ya'll i just wanted u to know that I did. Amen no hindrances in Jesus name for the next soul winning weekend at UNT.

Anonymous said...

so sad that ya'll did not get to go but I am praying for you for next week and no hindrances and favor with the permit in Jesus name for soul winning.

James said...

Hey there,

Just wanted to say I've enjoyed what I've briefly glanced over of your blog. I'll be praying.

Peace that surpasses all understanding,

Fish With Trish said...

Good news is that (Lord willing) we will be going Wednesday! Thank you Jennifer for caring. God bless you.

And James, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your encouraging words. Blessings.

Fish With Trish said...

Thank you, Lori! Tell "Ray" that "Baby" says, "Try not to eat the fish, just witness to them." :-)