Friday, August 14, 2009

Back on Wretched Radio and the words you DON'T want to hear...

This past Wednesday, if you tuned in, you may have heard my phone fishing segments on Wretched Radio. It was sort of like a big reunion. Ray Comfort was there, Tony was on air and of course Freakishly Tall Todd was there as usual -what a blessing to be on the program! It was a blast.

Tye was on hour 1
Tye listened to Todd and Ray intently... he ran off quickly before I was able to follow up with him but Todd and Ray said he sounded pretty impacted by hearing the good news of the gospel.
Rosalinda was happy to be on Hour 2 of Wretched...
But when Ray Comfort began talking about the 10 commandments...her face changed.

She was quite upset when she got of the phone. She felt that Ray and Todd were "judging" her. So Emilio and I followed up with her. We explained the gospel to her and that Ray and Todd don't judge anyone but they encourage you to look into God's mirror to judge yourself and see how you measure up before a Holy God. After a while she seemed to understand.

Her last words before we walked away where the words that I didn't want to hear...she said, "You know what...I'm not ready to walk with God and live for Him...I'm living for myself right now!" My heart just broke when I heard those words roll off her tounge. So Emilio and I pleaded with her that she may not have tomorrow and urged her to "repent today and consider all we said".

I gave her a big hug right before we left.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One of the most memorable parts of my wedding

Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne (Vice President / General Manager of Living Waters) officiated my wedding almost 6 years ago. Emilio and I were beyond honored to have him marry us. I can remember it like it was yesterday. What I'm about to share with you was one of the most memorable moments of the whole night.

Right before the vows, Emilio and I stood off to the side of the stage while E.Z. moved forward and began to preach a mini sermon to all the attendees - there were about 400 guests.

I thought you'd be encouraged by this small snippet that he shared with our family and friends. Here's what they heard:

"The powerful Roman emperor Charlemagne made an unusual request with regard to his burial. He asked to be buried... sitting upright on his throne... with his crown on his head... his scepter in his hand... his royal cape draped around his shoulders and with an open book placed on his lap.

That was in 814 A.D. Nearly 200 years later, Emperor Othello wanted to see if Charlemagne’s burial request had indeed been carried out. He ordered that the tomb be opened. They found the body just as Charlemagne had requested. Only now, nearly two centuries later, the scene was gruesome.

The crown was tilted on the skeletal head. The scepter was tarnished. The mantle was moth-eaten. The body disfigured. But, there, open on his lap was the book Charlemagne had requested - the Bible!!!... and one, bony finger pointed to Matthew 16:26: “What does it profit... to gain the whole world and lose your own soul?” "

Then E.Z. proceeded to share the full gospel message with everyone. It was wonderful, truly wonderful.

If you're getting married anytime soon, what a perfect opportunity you have to incorporate a solid gospel message into your ceremony so that all the hearers can listen to the words of eternal life and possibly get saved. How special would that be!

A Visit to Kenneth Copeland's Compound

Justin Peters emailed me recently after attending Faith Preacher Kenneth Copeland's ministry. Justin sent me the following. I thought you might find it interesting:

"Here are a few pics of the other night at the
Southwest Believers Convention. It was titled "The Eden Blessing." There was a woman there - 50 years old - has probably the worst case of Cerebral Palsy I've ever seen (her mother told me she had CP)...I do not know how much mental capacity she has but you just hope for her sake that it is not much. All she can do is moan and cry. Copeland said (to the crowd at the convention), "If you don't have the blessing, whose fault do you think it is? You're the one that screwed it up." Unbelievable.

I have also attached a few pics of my visit out to his compound. No minister is complete without a biplane and 1953 fighter plane trainer, huh?"

Justin Peters at Copeland's Ministry

Friday, August 7, 2009

Coming Soon! "Ray Comfort, Live!"

Beginning Monday, September 14, "Ambassadors Alliance Radio" that was hosted by Tony Miano and Bart McCurdy will become "Ray Comfort, Live!" and Ray Comfort will host the show! Tony Miano will produce the program and join Ray in studio. The show will air Monday through Friday, 2-3 PM (PST).

Here's a word from Tony Miano about "Ray Comfort, Live!":
"Join Ray as he shares his 30+ years of biblical evangelism and open-air preaching experience. The show will include daily, live witnessing encounters (that's where Trish comes in - we've given her the opportunity to hit the streets to phone fish once each week), you'll hear from interesting guests, plus news about the persecuted church, and the passion, wisdom, and humor of Ray Comfort."

Visit "Ray Comfort, Live!" for more details!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Snoop Dogg Takes One of Ray Comfort's Gospel Tracts

Snoop Dogg was in concert the other day and listen to what was emailed to me a couple day's after his concert:

"I waited around until the concert was over. An entourage personal went up to me and asked me what I was
waiting for, I told him I wanted to talk to Snopp. So he said, "let's see what I can do". A few min. later he brought me into the Green Room. I gave him a million dollar bill with Michael Jackson's face on it, and he signed it. I gave him another one and told him it was for him, he signed it and gave it back. I gave him another one and told him to keep it, he signed it and put it in his pocket..." -John

Snopp Dogg takes a gospel tract!