Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Visit to Kenneth Copeland's Compound

Justin Peters emailed me recently after attending Faith Preacher Kenneth Copeland's ministry. Justin sent me the following. I thought you might find it interesting:

"Here are a few pics of the other night at the
Southwest Believers Convention. It was titled "The Eden Blessing." There was a woman there - 50 years old - has probably the worst case of Cerebral Palsy I've ever seen (her mother told me she had CP)...I do not know how much mental capacity she has but you just hope for her sake that it is not much. All she can do is moan and cry. Copeland said (to the crowd at the convention), "If you don't have the blessing, whose fault do you think it is? You're the one that screwed it up." Unbelievable.

I have also attached a few pics of my visit out to his compound. No minister is complete without a biplane and 1953 fighter plane trainer, huh?"

Justin Peters at Copeland's Ministry


L R Caudill said...

This IS unbelievable. How can he have such a big following?

jc said...

How was Justin Peters able to visit Copeland's compound? Is he a VIP "KCM Partner"? I'm guessing that many who follow the health-and-wealth gospel would be interested in visiting their patriarch's and matriarch's compound.

Does Justin have more report on his visit to the Texas convention?

Treego said...

Is it a sin to be rich and own things? Abraham had very much in wealth, didn't he? Didn't Job have much wealth? Solomon ... whew! Now there is a man of God that had an awful lot of riches. I think that Kenneth Copeland cannot rightly be judged just because he has an expensive set of planes lying around. Is Copeland using these things to promote ungodly living? I think that is probably not the case. Perhaps, we should all pray before making judgments on people about things like this which are not blatant sin.

As for the statement made by Copeland ... if it's true that he directed that statement TO the woman in question, it is a shame! I'd like to see the tape of that, though.

Justin Peters said...

Dear Treego,

There is nothing inherently wrong with being wealthy but when your wealth is gained off of preying upon the hopes and fears of sick and hurting people, there is a great deal wrong with that. That $20 million Citation X private jet represents an awful lot of people who have "sown a seed"in hopes of "reaping a harvest." No, Copeland's comment was not directed at that poor woman individually. For one thing, Copeland never acknowledged the sick people there. It does not matter, though, because he was CLEARLY teaching that if you are not wealthy and if you are not healed, it is YOUR fault. This is staple, bread and butter Word of Faith doctrine. I have plenty of tape of Copeland that I think you would probably find most revealing. People are being devastated both physically and spiritually by this false gospel.

Alanrd67 said...

Hello Justin and Trish,

I will try to keep this short.
I grew up in a Catholic Chuch til
9th grade.
I joined Amway/Quixtar in 1992 and went forward during an alter call when my mother went forward in Miami. Joined a Church that had Rodney Howard Browne for a "revival".
I've seen Jessie Duplanitis and friends.
I spent my honeymoon @ Brownsville.
Have sat under the same Pastor since then.


Because I have seen him stop a "revival" because he said other "spirits" were doing things. Admit to going the path of "Bless me Bless me!". Personlly go to John Hagee when he was told of the "Jews NOT needing Jesus" error.

In other words, I see someone who when he has seen error according to the scriptures is careful in where he goes.

About 2 1/2 years ago the "Way of the Master" Basic training course was brought in to our church "wednesday night". I didn't take me long to figure out that like the story:
People have as much desire for the word righteousness as a 4 year old has for the word bath.

At the time I had a 4 year old and "how did I get him to take a bath?".


But why do we take a bath?...Because we are dirty and we need to be clean.

Law and Grace....wow!

Did Matt 7:21 ever make sense!

This not only lead to my absolute salvation.
But has shown me how to raise my children and according to the Word of God.

The years I have been @ my church fellowship no one challanged my faith. Very common place now.
I have spent the last 2 years challanging and sharing, in love, my testimony being very careful not to put the blame on anyone there. Why not...otherwise I can't complain that no one spoke to me about being "born again".

I don't know who is a wheat or a tare...it is not my job. I can share with someone who will either rejoice in the Truth or be offended and through truth be convicted by the Holy Spirit to be in the Truth.


4 Weeks ago I purchased the "Call for Discernment." Not only did this confirm what I read daily with my family via scripture, but now I saw so much at my own church that last sunday I gave the copy to my pastor with a caring and humble heart.

If he is my spiritual father then I go to him as I would my natural father. (Honor and the Love of Christ.)

I don't know what will come of this but I do know that I cannot ignore the fact that I am raising up my children, my wife, and children in this. (They have all watched the video too.)

My wife and I have prayed for those at our church, and are speaking from scripture, the only benchmark with the understanding from the Holy Spirit.

(There is so much more to say but Justin, please pray for God to open up my Pastor's heart, mind, and eyes to the teachings you have shared with us.)

May God bless you and strengthen you for His work and may He receive the Glory.

I have stumbled across this blog link...I certainly "know" God does miracles today.

Scott From South Cackalacky said...


While I do appreciate your testimony and seek God's glory in it, I do have a concern about the comparison between bathing children and obeying Christ.

Yes, Kids usually need fun stuff to entice them to get into the tub, but a parent should be able to eventually convince child to bathe because it is the right thing to do. My child fought me tooth and nail about getting in the tub, but eventually did, because I am her father and she needed to obey me.

Ad to everyone else...

All the toys in this life that KC and others have have nothing to do with salvation. Christ paid it all once and for all without any promise of worldly fun and games. In fact Christians were promised criticism and toil. BUT by being obedient in true heart felt repentance and faith and trusting in Jesus as the one and only Way, we are given salvation.

I may not be in a similar situation as Justin, but I am blind. And I know that it is a blessing for me not to see. People who observe me will judge me not on what I have or have not but on what I do or do not.

Sometimes I may be the only example that God places in front of a lost person. And I would rather that person see Jesus in what I do than see me in what I have.

God provides everything I need and if it is His will for me to have wealth or poverty, I will praise Him regardless because people need to see our I.O.U - Inward character, Outward modesty, and Upward devotion as a reflection of God and God alone.



Alanrd67 said...

Hello Scott,


I was only saying that the Contemporary "church" of today feels the only way to entice and keep people in "their" church is to offer fun, programs, the coolest music and a rock climbing wall.

While some of this has it's place, it is not the bull's eye of Christianity.

Our Lord came to earth for a single purpose that reaches people in a different way. But He IS THE Way...not in part but in whole.

By no other name can we be saved.

We MUST be Born Again.

While the other stuff can be ok...it was that deception that kept me "blind" to THE TRUTH of my need for the Savior.

Many offer Christ Jesus and obedience to Him as part of the whole--complete--gospel.

For this reason Christ came, to seek and save those who are lost.

May God Bless you and keep you and your family,

Kat said...

I know that the word tells of there will be many like Kenneth Copeland out there and those numbers will only continue to grow. When I read things like this, I must fight my inherent nature to become discouraged and seek the Lord ardently for the power only He can give to reveal the deceivers and share the truth of His life giving salvation.

Thanks again Trish for sharing and encouraging us all,


Scott From South Cackalacky said...


I apologize for misreading your comment and appreciate your response. God be praised!



Jenny said...

Is "The Call To Discernment" a book or a DVD? I'd love to get it.

Fish With Trish said...

Jenny, it's a DVD set.

I have a few unopened copies.

You can also purchase them on Justin's site:

If you want one of my copies, just send me an email at email [at] fishwithtrish.com and I'll shoot you the details.

Unknown said...

Why is it a virtue to be poor? I'm not for KC's theology by any means, but many mainstream Christian ministers are wealthy and make more than 98% of the population based on statistics. IE, Billy Graham who makes $400,000.00 per years and has a private plane, Charles Stanley who makes $300,000.00 a year, ...etc. None of these guys are WF in theology nor are they materialistic, they live quiet, simple lives. Just because you have money does not mean you are greedy or materialistic. How much one makes and what one does with the money they make is their own business. No one has a right to dictate what another does with their money. If you don't support a company or a ministry, do what you do in a free-economy, take your money elsewhere and eventually if enough people do that the business or ministry will dry up and be a thing of the past, because like all capitalist countries, people vote with their money. I don't see why it's wrong to have or want nice things just as long as you don't base your life around it. I love my job (I play poker) I live in a nice neighborhood, and I am saving so that one day I can afford a nice preowned Ferrari. I feel no need to defend myself, nor should you.

Alanrd67 said...


There, of course, is nothing wrong with having money. But, this can be the premise to allow other things if not founded on God nor built upon His Word.

Now, if this doesn't mean anything to you, then you may want to take a second look at what God has placed as HIS benchmark.

I do not know you so I don't know where you are coming from.

Wanting a Ferrari is not wrong, but having it as a goal above what God may want you to seek first is by God's standards sin.

Don't take my word for it.

God is clear about this in Matthew 5,6, and 7.

As my previous post stated, my doorway to the Christian world was through someone who told me not that God's Wrath was upon me because of my personal sins BUT that God loves me and wants to help me succeed in every area of my life.

While this has truth, I was encouraged by these same people to find a Hummer or sports car, sit in it, drive it, get a picture of it {with me in it} and look at it whenever I became discouraged about why I wasn't successful.

Keep on keepin' on.
Don't quit.
Quitters never win and Winners never quit.
God didn't make you to be a loser.
(Success in "the business" equated to winning: or just to, at least, keep buying and plugging into the "system".)

God holds me and will hold me accountable how I come to Him and how I live for Him, as well as, how I speak with you.

I have often heard that it's ok for you to have things; as long as things don't have you.

Sounds good until you examine the means and the end that we pursue.

{Matt 6:31-33
So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’

For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.}

God tells us to beware, be cautious, and to trust Him and His Word.

God is not against us.

He warns us over and over about Greed, Lust, Hatred, Idolatry, etc.

Is He overzealous?

No, but He is jealous over us as His children.

Esly Carrero said...

wow that is so sad.

I do pray for all those ppl. who are genuinely wanting to follow the Lord, yet being deceived so easily by these prosperity preachers.

May the Lord unclog their ears & open up their eyes so they may see the evil spirit mascarading before them - to the millions.

Micky said...

Christ said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. Then his apostles asked "Who then can be saved?" Think about it. Isn't the poorest of Americans considered rich compared to those in third-world countries? But here is the best part - Christ went on to answer them by saying thatall things are possible with God. If a man truly wants to do God's will and seeks His righteousness, God is faithful to save save his soul.

Shirley Thorp said...

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland preach the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel.

Why put down health-and-wealth, like it's something bad? Jesus healed(HEALTH) and God's men in the Old Testament were rich(WEALTH).

As TREGGO said, can Copeland's be judged rightly just because he has expensive airplanes? He flies all over the world preaching the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel.
Blessings to all........

Unknown said...

People DONT JUDGE lest you be Judged!you must give your tithe JOYFULLY UNTO THE LORD otherwise keep it. But NEVER give begrudgingly!Dont focus on where your money is being used , YOU HAVE GIVEN IT TO THE LORD and not to the Copelands. (just by the way Brother Copeland was earning very very well being a pilot , he is well educated) i personally have prospered in my business, my children are financially blessed and my husbands business flourishing!!! We are prospering in a time when our country is in recession. We have more than enough and i am beleiving for a million rand tithe a month! The word of God never fails. All the teachings come from Copeland ministires. We are a wealthy family because we consult God in EVERY decision we make in our business and NEVER FAIL TO TITHE FAITHFULLY! PRAISE GOD that the Copeland are wealthy and WILL get wealthier because of who they serve.

Unknown said...

People NEVER judge lest you be judged! the Copelands dont need stingy giving! when you tithe or give an offering give joyfully or dont give because it wont be blessed if you give begrudgingly anyway! you are not giving to the Copelands you are giving unto the Lord (Brother Kenneth is a pilot and earned well before his ministry and doesnt need your money anyway). I would like to enlighten you how blessed we have become after becoming partners of the ministry and by allowing the Holy Spirit to give us revelation knowledge of the word taught in their ministry. We have prospered and my husbands business, my business and my two adult sons are getting wealthier and wealthier by the day (we consult the Holy Spriit on EVERY decision in our businesses and WE TITHE FAITHFULLY). The Word works people!!God is prospering us every day in a country that is supposed to be in a recession, and people cant understand it, THEN WE TELL THEM WHO WE SERVE!
Instead of judging ministries that are a blessing in the world around us (by the way how many million have you sowed lately into the poor nations of the world and how many people have you ministered to lately which the Copeland minisrty does ),pray for them instead of tearing them down!
My family is a living testimony of Gods goodness. We are getting wealthier and wealthier by the day! We as a family are trusting God for the day when we will be tithing a million a month and more into the kingdom! PRAISE GOD as the Copelands get wealthier by the hour because of WHO they serve! Take Him at His word people and see for yourself!Malachi 3:10.... Bless you all!

dawkwin said...

I have felt that way many times in the past.

(Maybe this will help.)
My nephew was in the Marines for 4 years.

BTW he is back and in health.

***this is an example: alert***

He and his best friend were not speaking to each other due to an arguement they were having.

They didn't speak but had to work together.

One day my nephew saw it coming...an enemy weapon was pointing through the trees and aiming right at his ex-friend. He took the bullet for his "friend" and died. (again: this is an example.)

So the friend lived and as soon as he got out of the military he went to visit my sister.

He got to the door and knocked. As she answered the door, she saw the young man and gave him an emotional embrace.

The young man stepped back for a moment and said: "I am so grateful for what your son did for me on the battlefield...(he paused and continued boldly)...BUT, THE "REASON" I AM HERE IS THAT, I heard your son included me in his Will and left me his car, stereo and all of his sports equipment."

"I have my truck out front, is it o.k. to take it with me now?"

How would you respond if you were this woman?

This is how we have so trampled the blood of Christ beneath our feet.

I was there--

And in your email--(I say this cautiously, because sometimes we are lead to focus on US and forget or to have never know of His incredible sacrifice.)--sadly--nowhere did I hear of that precious gift of His amazing sacrifice.

I was there...

Are you Blessed?

Romans 4:7-9
"Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered; Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him."

"Is this blessedness only for the circumcised, or also for the uncircumcised?
We have been saying that Abraham's faith was credited to him as righteousness"

I see you quoted from the Bible-Malachi---I use to have a list of verses that serve me-me-me--You have already named a few of them.(promises that God would serve me)...to the exclusion of the whole message.

Bet you might be mad if someone did that the the U.S. Constitution or your comments.

Try this...your life might depend on it. Read all of Malachi...turn off the T.V. and MP3...even the bible commentary. If the Holy Spirit can show someone like me, I know He can show anyone He choses to "hear".

Then read Romans 1 and if you want read Romans 2 who knows...What if?.... If you belong to Christ you will have a desire to hear God's voice through His Word: according to His Word.

Be warned, we all have other predispositions already going on with what teachers we have heaped up....
...you would probably agree that Jehovah's Witnesses do this with their Watchtower material, Mormons do this with Pearl of Great Price book, etc...

This can happen in ANY denomination and of course and other religion or Cult.

If you believe the Bible is true, then I encourage all of us to make it and not man our source.

I truly, pray God Blesses you and your family.

a verse from Malachi since you quoted 3:10

Malachi 2:2
(If you do not listen, and if you do not set your heart to honor my name," says the LORD Almighty, "I will send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings. Yes, I have already cursed them, because you have not set your heart to honor me.)