Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Perfect Track Record

I received this email into the ministry and thought you would be encouraged by this true story:

Last night after our prayer meeting I asked my friend, "What are you going to do? Are you going to go?"

"I don't know,” she said.

"It really seems like The Lord is leading you to go,” I commented. 

"Maybe so. Not tonight though. It's already 11:00 and they close at midnight. He'll be there for a lot more Fridays to come," she replied.

But, the Lord had other plans (Proverbs 16:9), and she ended up racing out after our prayer meeting, where she had just been singing and praising the Lord with hands lifted high, in order to go to a bar. That's where her husband was. He was the DJ there, and this was his first gig. Sadly, he's a false convert; he professes to believe, but has no real interest in the things of God.

She didn't really know why she felt so compelled to go. He hadn't asked her to come and she knew she would feel like a fish out of water in that place. It would be nice if she could hand out a few tracts while there, but she knew he wouldn't appreciate that. 

She prayed as she raced across town in her car praying, "Lord, if going will benefit my marriage, then please get me there before they close." Of the 11 stop lights that she had to go through, she only had to briefly stop at 3. "Thank you, Lord", she said as she arrived at the bar about 25 minutes before closing.

She walked in and saw him on the stage where the bands play, surrounded by his equipment, secular music blasting, his head bobbing to the music, and his hand in the air. It struck her immediately how she had just had her hand in the air too, but for a very different reason.

Her heart ached for him to know the Lord like she does, and she hoped he would be really glad to see her. He seemed a little surprised, but basically was indifferent. Not the reaction she had hoped for, but not surprising either. It seemed the stronger she grew in her faith, the unhappier he became. She hugged him, and was glad she had decided to go after all. 

It remains to be seen how God will use this small gesture on her part, but we pray that it will be a small step in total restoration. 

Until then, she is determined to persevere and be the wife that God has called her to be (1 Peter 3:1) while resting in God's sovereignty for her husband's salvation and for her marriage, totally confident that she'll get through this trial; after all, she has a perfect track record.

And, by the way, you have a perfect track record too if you are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:37). 
Just think of all the things He has brought you through. Think about the trials that you 
never thought you would make it out of, but did! He is faithful to carry you – even if you 
have an unbelieving spouse, even if your health is failing, even when you are fearful and 
afraid. We have a very strong tower to run to.

All of this makes me think of the book of Hosea and how God relentlessly pursued us 
while we were in our sin, and we could not resist Him. May God open my dear friend’s 
husband’s eyes to the glorious Gospel and may he be broken under the weight of his sin.