Monday, July 30, 2012

Convert The Book Arrives!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What The Emergency Vet Had to Say to us....

Had to take Baby (our dog) to the emergency vet last night. She was coughing and breathing bad. It progressed rather quickly. Bad enough for us to not wait till the AM to take her to a regular vet.

Once we arrived at the Emergency Center. They did tests and found a heart problem. The Emergency Doc looked at us square in the eyes and said several times, “We must convert her heart...we must get her heart converted out of the rhythm it's in or she could die at any moment." All I kept thinking about was Emilio’s book “Convert” that will be in print any day now and that if our hearts are not converted TO Christ we will surely die!   

Please think about this for a moment, if you aren't in Christ, if you haven't repented of your sins, if you haven't trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of sins....the question is "Why not?" Please, don't wait till tomorrow to do this. You don't know if it will come. TODAY is the day of salvation. Cry out to Him. Humble yourself, repent and turn from your sin. He alone can save you. Humble yourself beneath the mighty hand of God and He will pour out grace upon grace on your head. The moment you do that, He will instantly translate you from darkness to light. He will reconcile you to God and you'll be His delight. He will Convert your heart. He will cleanse you and make you new.

There are only two kids of people in the World. You are either in Adam or in Christ. Which are you? If you are still in Adam with your sins upon your head, then run to Christ. Run as fast as you can and don't look back and then begin to devour the Word of God (The Bible). Don’t worry about what you’ve done or where you’ve been just come to Him. He will forgive you through His Son Jesus Christ. 

All that to say, Baby is in the emergency vet still. Thanks for your prayers, friends.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora Shooting, Convert, Free Admission to Psalm 119 and more...

Hi Friends,

A lot has happened today and it breaks my heart to hear about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. As I type, I'm hoping to organize a team of folks to go to the theatre this weekend and pass out The Biggest Question DVD's to those that are hanging around outside. If you live near Aurora, CO and want to help pass them out, email: and in the subject link type "I want to help" and if you can't help distribute but want to give monetarily to make this happen, go to to today to support DVD's.

Did you know the website for “Convert” is LIVE now!

Like it on Facebook and tag my name “Trisha Ramos” and/or Follow Emilio on Twitter and I’ll enter your name to win an electronic download of “Convert” - we are giving away several copies!

The book isn’t in print yet and 2 churches have decided to get a copy for every member!  God is very kind.

And even better…if you are a pastor, I’m inviting you personally to come and join us for FREE in Keller, TX for the 1 Day “Psalm 119 Conference” with Todd Friel, James White, RW Glenn and Emilio Ramos. It will be a terrific time of teaching and the theme is “The Holy Spirit”. Come and get refreshed as you sit under solid teaching. So if you are a pastor and are able to attend, email me at with the following: your name, your guests name, your number and the church you pastor and I will add you to our guest list.

And if you’re not a pastor, tell your pastor! And make sure when you do you let him know that he and a guest will get in free.

Lastly, I want to hear from you…

What is your initial pronunciation of the title when you heard about the book “Convert”? Some people say "Convert" as in: I'm a convert to Christianity others say, "Convert" as in It is God's job to convert the soul. So what did you think? What was your first initial response when you read the title? Vote HERE with what your reaction was to how you pronounce "Convert". And then click HERE and look for the first question to get the answer.

And for those of you that are weary, listen to this insightful reminder from J.R. Miller written in 1914 taken from “Intimate Letters on Personal Problems”:  

“An old Scripture promise reads, "Cast your burden upon the Lord--and He shall sustain you." Psalm 55:22. Every burden you have, you may cast on the Lord; that is, you may lay it on Him in prayer and by faith. But notice that God does not promise to lift the burden away--all He promises is to sustain you, that is, to give you strength to do the work, to bear the burden, to meet the difficulty, to master the hindrance or the obstacle.

Bless God,


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Ever Spanish Ambassadors Academy

The first ever Spanish Ambassadors Academy is scheduled for September 7-9 to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico. People from Canada, U.S., Mexico, central, and South America will be in attendance.

The official Academy website opened last week, and it includes all of the information related to the academy including registration page.

There are over 75 people on the pre-registration list and we are praying that we fill the 50 available spots as soon as possible.

You can visit the Spanish Academy page by clicking on the following link: SPANISH-ACADEMY.

And spread the news to anyone you know that lives in that area.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Pulpit Arrived!

Looking for a decent pulpit design? Feel free to use this one. And if you would like a bigger sketch of it, just email me at: and put "pulpit" in the subject line.

Pastor Emilio Ramos was like a kid in a candy store this past Sunday after his design for a pulpit became a reality.  (Hat tip to: Heritage Grace Community Church)

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Best Burgler System in Town!

Cancel the alarm company. 
And get a set of these to put by your front door. Romans 7:7
(Hat Tip to: HeritageGrace)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A couple important changes about the new book "Convert" a few other words...

Hi Friends, it's been a while since I have written at any length on my blog. I have been posting, but it's been quick little snippets here and there. Things have been busy. Emilio planted a new church along with several families about 8 weeks ago. It's called "Heritage Grace Community Church" and is located in Frisco, TX and with that new adventure came the listing of our home. We desire to be closer to the new church but for now we are commuting from the Fort Worth area which has been loads of fun as we've carpooled and fellow shipped with other members on the way. Please pray with us that our home will sell (if God wills).  And on top of that, Emilio's book is nearly done which has been a true joy to be a part of. By the way, look at the cover and what is your initial pronunciation of the title? Some people say "Convert" as in: I'm a convert to Christianity others say, "Convert" as in It is God's job to convert the soul. So what do you think? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below telling me what your first reaction was to how you pronounce "Convert". And then click HERE and look for the first question to get the answer.

Also, thank those of you that are still read these posts. With all the things that you have going on and in this fast paced Facebook and Twitter world it is a blessing to know you are here. Even my atheist friends that used to keep me up all through the wee hours of the night answering your posts, I hope you all are well and that you've come to Christ! I mean that. I really hope that you have found forgiveness in Him.  In one of my recent blog posts I mentioned that Emilio's book "Convert: From Adam to Christ" would be released on July 1s,t but we had a few delays in printing and it will be in print (Lord willing) by mid July and then the big release (on places like Amazon, Barnes in Nobel, Family Christian, etc) will be Oct 1. That seems like a long way off but as you know, time fly's by rather quickly, doesn't it! The good news is that, pre-orders for the book are open at two places now: Bridge Logos and The Fish With Trish Store .

I'm so very excited about "Convert" and the potential encouragement that it may bring to the body of Christ.  Below is a snippet of what a few folks are saying (read more endorsements HERE).

"A truly insightful and readable modern-day Reformed treatment of the doctrine of conversion. If there is anyone who wants to get an outstanding explanation of what the Bible teaches on conversion and want to understand the federal representation of Adam and Christ CORRECTLY, instead of the countless inaccurate explanations offered, then this book by brother Ramos is a must-read."
                       - John w. Hendryx, Director of

"I plan on taking the whole church through Convert."
- Mike Sarkissian, Th. M: Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Perris, author of Before God: The Biblical Doctrine of Prayer

Evangelicalism could use a little house cleaning. The modern‐day message of "Say a prayer, sign your Bible, and you are now a Christian," has produced disastrous fruit yielding a bumper crop of false converts. Emilio's book will go a long way in bringing clarity to the all‐ important issue of salvation for the preacher and parishioner alike.
- Todd Friel, Host of Wretched TV and Wretched Radio for more information!