Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jack Mormon

Meet Devin.
He was on The Way of the Master Radio on Monday.

Devin talks to Ray Comfort. Emilio and I not only got to share the whole Gospel with
him but we shared with his friends as well.

I think Keith (left) was really was struck with the Gospel.

He said, "If I were to die tonight, based on God's standards I'd go to Hell."
And that really concerned him.We shared the Good News with Keith.
He was totally receptive and asked where we go to church.
He said he'd email us. I sure hope he does. But more importantly...
we pray he repents and trusts in Christ if he hasn't already, along with Devin!

Listen to the broadcast September 29, 2008 - Hour 2
(it starts about 20 min. in to the program)

Homosexual Dancer on The Way of Master Radio

Andrew came out of the closet recently
and was open to talk about his faith in God
and thoughts about death and the after life
on The Way of the Master Radio.
He is a college student and wants to some day be on
the television show, So you think you can dance
Andrew dances for us! Watch this...

If you'd like to listen to the full radio broadcast
you can listen here: September 29, 2008 - Hour 1
(it starts about 40 min. in to the program)
Then, click here September 29, 2008 - Hour 2
to listen to a short follow-up of how it went with Andrew.
(it starts about 20 min. in to the program)

Is God bored?

Justin was at the mall with his girl friend last week
when I found him for The Way of the Master Radio--Hour 2.
Listen to his thoughts about God...

You can listen to the full broadcast on
The Way of the Master Radio
(it starts about 40 minutes into the program)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Enter to Win a FREE hard back copy of "Spurgeon Gold"

Books about the life and ministry of Charles Spurgeon are not uncommon. However, Spurgeon Gold takes a unique approach. It has isolated the great preacher's deep passion for the lost, many of his powerful gospel proclamations, and his convicting exhortations to Christians to share their faith. Ray Comfort has compiled some of the best nuggets from Spurgeon on evangelism and they are found in this one 248 page book called, Spurgeon Gold.

"I bought this book and I am now a Spurgeon fan. He speaks with such eloquence and he isn't boring. Spurgeon is very exhortative. I love snacking on these little quotes by Spugeon. If your' a Christian and are looking for fuel for sharing your' faith, second to the Bible of course, then I would get Spurgeon Gold. I really have found it to be a blessing to me. Jason "

Here is what to do: Leave a comment below with your name and some way for me to contact you if you win (email or blog link is fine). If you aren't able to leave a comment send your entry to email@fishwithtrish.com. Comments will be opened through next Monday and a winner will be randomly chosen next Tuesday. Open to U.S. residents only.

Friday, September 26, 2008

We really caught a interesting one...

Meet Kracker.
He was on The Way of the Master Radio yesterday!
You can listen to the full broadcast here:
(it starts about 40 min. into the program).

Pray for this young man--he's been through a lot in his life.
Good news though...he heard the Good News today.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Props to Kirk!

The word is out! Kirk Cameron will only kiss his wife and won't compromise even when it comes to acting in films. My husband and I have the utmost respect for Kirk. I praise God for his commitment and devotion to Christ and his wife. I'm excited to see his new movie Fireproof tomorrow night! And above all things I take great joy in the fact that this movie has an extremely clear Gospel presentation in it!

Look what
Fox News had to say about Kirk, yesterday:
"When it comes to smooching, Kirk Cameron only has lips for his wife. The former star of the TV sitcom "Growing Pains" refused to kiss the actress who played his wife in his new movie "Fireproof," he told the "Today" show on Monday. “I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman,” he told the morning show. So his real wife, actress Chelsea Noble, was the body double for the onscreen kiss. "So when I’m kissing my wife, we’re actually husband and wife honoring marriage behind the scenes,” Cameron told "Today." The former child star became an evangelical Christian at 17 and is involved in The Way of the Master ministries. "

Watch Kirk talk about his new movie:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We hear from the principal of a muslim school...

Meet Dr. Khalid Kebbati. He is the principal at the largest
Mosque in Texas. We put him on
The Way of the Master Radio, last Monday--Hour 1.

Cayce, Jason, Professor Josh Lingel, and Emilio
(this photo cracks me up--they all look like their in trouble
and were taken to the Principal's office) :-)
Dr. Kebbati speaks with Ray Comfort.

Get a look at that photo. That's the building I'm standing in.

Here we are after the segment--discussing everything that happened.
Dr. Kebbati wasn't very happy afterwards because
he didn't like talking about his sin and the things
he's done wrong, on the air so everyone could hear...
Hopefully we'll have some footage to show you later.
From left to right
(Emilio Ramos, Professor Josh Lingel,
Cayce (his assistant) , Josh Wright, and me).

You can listen to the full broadcast here:
September 22, 2008 - Hour 1

(it starts about 40 min. into the program).

A fish jumps in the boat!

Shante was on Hour 2
of The Way of the Master Radio program on Monday!
Shante was very moved by the Gospel.
I asked her,
"So what are you going to do with what you've heard?"
She responded very soberly as if she could cry,
"I'm gonna go home and sit there and think
about everything they told me."

Shante continued,
"I want to raise my kids in the ways of the Lord!"

You can listen to the full broadcast here:
September 22, 2008 - Hour 2
(it starts about 20 min. into the program).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Superb! This is a must watch...

Kirk Cameron interviews John MacArthur
Also, don't forget to go see FIREPROOF the movie
(starring Kirk Cameron) in theatres this Friday!
I've already bought my tickets--how about YOU?
Click HERE for details.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Islam Exposed--The Video!

Look at Zabi's dedication to Islam...

"I've got to see it to believe it!"

Hour 2 of the Way of the Master Radio

Confused about which way was the right way, Adam claimed that everything was "confusing" and that it was impossible for him to know the true religion or the choice he should make. But we quickly shared with him that agnosticism was a choice as well, that agnosticism presupposed the acceptance of all sorts of facts that he could not verify either.

We simply told Adam, who was very pleasant and kind with us, that the Bible says the real problem is not a lack of data but of humility. It is not that Adam needs a bigger IQ but a new heart.

I pray for Adam who is being influenced by liberalism and agnosticism—none of these worldviews shed any light about the deep issues of life. Adam needs light, or we could say, The Light, Jesus Christ!

If you didn't get to listen to the program, you can listen to the full segment here:
September 18, 2008 - Hour 2 (it starts about 40 min. into the program).

Friday, September 19, 2008

Islam Exposed...

We met Zabi right away, he was studying for college and writing away like crazy--all his books and papers were everywhere. When we asked him what he was writing, he told us it was a book he was working on called, "Islam-Exposed". Although it sounded like an anti-Islamic thing, it was actually pro-Muslim. He used the title to try to get non-Muslims to read it.

He was a very nice young man and extremely eager to be on The Way of the Master Radio. As he was on the air, he began pacing back and forth--he was really into the conversation. After our follow up with Zabi, we discovered that he took his Muslim faith very serious. I guess I had a pretty good idea he was a devout Muslim from the outset--he wouldn't shake my hand because men aren't suppose to touch a woman like that, according to Zabi.

He was not always a Muslim, he had "tried" Christianity but ultimately ended up a Muslim. I probed him as to the reasons he had for rejecting the Bible and embracing Islam. Like most Muslims, Zabi claimed that the bible had been corrupted. I asked him how it was possible for "Allah" to allow his revelation to be corrupted by man, and what guarantee he had that Allah would not allow that to happen again.

He kept alluding to the fact that time was the necessary agent in the Bible's corruption. But when asked to give sources that objectively proved his assertion about the Bible's corruption, there was no reply. "If it does not agree with the Quran, which has never changed, then it is corrupted." He said.

But Emilio pointed out that Mormons could have a similar claim about the book of Mormon. In the end Zabi like all Muslims are hoping in their good works to save them when they die. Heaven and Hell are dependent upon how many good works one can do versus evil works. That left him with no assurance and as we suggested to him with no peace either.
The peace and assurance Muslims are striving for can only be found in the person and work of Jesus Christ, which we gladly shared with him.
If you didn't get to listen to the program, you can listen to the full segment here: September 18, 2008 - Hour 1 (it starts about 40 min. into the program).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quote of the day from a friend...

"The biggest problem in the world today is not Radical Islam, it is nominal Christianity."

Joshua Lingel
Executive Director
i2 Ministries
Professor of Islamic Studies Biola University

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Youngest Evangelist at Sovereign Joy--so adorable...

Meet Gabye (pronounced like "Gabby")

Gabye passes out the million dollar tract...

...she's my new best friend :-)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Enter to Win a FREE copy of more than Sixty Messages by Ray Comfort on MP3...

It's called "Classic Comfort"and contains more than 60 Messages by Ray Comfort in mp3 format and it comes on one Compact Disc.

"Anyone who is serious about engaging in the battle for souls MUST do whatever he or she can to get this audio series and listen to it over and over and over again. Put it in your car or walkman and keep it there. Many times I have felt beaten up by the world, feeling like I was out there all alone sharing the Gospel; and then I pop in this audio series and the Lord uses it to re-energize me and put that spring back in my step. The combination of Scripture, humor, logic and on-the-street encounters will keep you focused and ready to engage in this all-important battle for the souls of men...and women!" ~Larry Lee (GA)

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Friday, September 12, 2008

One Day Seminar in Lipan, TX

Our next One Day Seminar in Lipan, TX on September 27th from noon to 3pm! Join us for this FREE event!

Patillo Baptist Church located at 4707 FM 2803 Lipan, Texas 76462
If you plan on attending, you must register by emailing us with your total amount of individuals attending.
Send your email to: onedayseminar@fishwithtrish.com
For more information click HERE

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Megan wasn't too happy today

Hour 1 and 2 of the Way of the Master Radio Today!
Hour 2 with Megan comes first...

The writing (below) is from Richard (rtt) who I found at the Southlake Town Center. He emailed this to me tonight after he wrote it to his friend who does prison ministry, in Florida. It explains today's encounter with Megan in great detail. Thanks Richard for emailing and for your unexpected help today! Blessings to you.

"hey..guess what.? i got to visit with Trish near our offices when i went to have a late lunch today. trish witnesses to people and gives them a chance to go on a live radio show (via cell phone) to share their beliefs. you might be familiar with it. it's called "The Way of the Master" radio. I've listened many times over the past few years. They also have a television show with the same name. I've seen a few of those too. the hosts are todd friel and ray comfort; and sometimes, kirk cameron (from the growing pains tv show)...

trish first came up to me and asked if i had a few minutes. she didn't get too far into her introduction before i interrupted and explained that i loved that show. i've heard her introduce people onto the radio and their subsequent interviews with the hosts, so i knew kinda how things worked. she asked if i wanted to help and i said, "of course!". for the next 1 1/2 hrs, i got to help with the two live interviews, take pictures and hand out those famous one million dollar tracts.

since she was speaking with other people too, trish asked me to follow up with one of the people after their radio interview. this one was a college student attending oregon state university.

first, i want to say that, while listening to that interview, i had no idea of what to say to her. All i could do was to pray that the Lord say, through me, whatever it is that she needed to hear so that He would get all of the glory.

these are mainly paraphrased because it was all such a blur and only had a few moments before she rushed off.

during the radio interview, i could hear her say that she was a Christian and believed in God but that Jesus was a man and believed that all paths lead to God and that every religion was basically valid (or equally invalid because she thought that man was corrupt and that since religion was man-made, it was also corrupt); and that no one would or should be judged. i could tell that the hosts asked the normal test questions, "have you ever lied? have you ever stolen anything? etc.." and i heard the typical responses. i don't know all that was said on-air, but since i could hear her side of the interview, i knew she was a little upset at the end. i know, from the past shows that i've listened to, of its sound theology in Jesus as Christ and i know that they explained to her how we are saved by Grace through Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross. I've heard how some people react to that news; some repentant, some receptive but tentative, others angrily and some not so nicely. being on this side of the radio, i didn't know what to expect.

after she hung up, i asked her how things went. she didn't think they (the hosts) were fair and she reiterated the corruptness of man and religion and that all lead paths to God and the hosts were not open to her beliefs. while she was gathering her things, i asked a few questions. she told me that she felt like she was 'attacked' and that the hosts were not "open" to other beliefs and that was wrong.

i asked if she believed in God and she said, 'yes'. i agreed with her on the corruptness of man and there are many false doctrine in the world. so I asked that if she believed in God ( being an all-powerful, omniscience God) why He couldn't protect His own Word.? i thought that she, being a college student, might think more in legalistic terms; so i asked if she knew that Christ (also being God) did not write His own Book for a reason. Jewish law required at least three witnesses in a court for any testimony to be validated as truthful. you could never be your own witness.

by this time, she was up and ready to walk away but stayed and talked with me a little while longer. her friend was waiting in the background. i told her that i heard some of the questions that were asked. since she didn't find that it was right for someone to judge her (or anyone (even God? i didn't get to ask)), that if she had found herself innocent or guilty based on the Ten Commandments test.? she didn't answer. i asked again. no answer. she again explained that all religions led to the same path. but then added, "...well, except for those that do violent acts or blow themselves up."

i asked, "why those? whose morality are you using to judge them? if all religions are valid, then what about those that are obviously opposites? by your own belief, those that cause violence are just as valid as any other." i could tell she was thinking but also ready to leave. i tried to explain that they (the hosts) cared about her and just wanted her to hear the truth. as she left, i thanked her for her time. i don't think she was too happy about the whole experience. which is probably a good thing. she shouldn't be happy and hopefully she will seek out truth and find it in Jesus.

i pray that God will use His Words that were spoken to remain within her. i, of course, was wholly inadequate at the task and so will prayerfully leave it to Him. I was just thrilled to have the most tiniest of parts to play...fishing with trish. rtt"

Hour 1-Tanya: Click HERE (it starts at the 40 min. mark)
Hour 2-Megan: Click HERE (it starts at the 20 min. mark)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Join the Ambassador’s Alliance Fellowship online and get equipped...

Join a free online evangelism network, called the Ambassador’s Alliance Fellowship--an outreach of Living Waters. This network is comprised of street evangelists who have graduated from Living Waters’ specialized training program called the Ambassador's Alliance and you can join as well, through an “Associate Membership”!

What you can do once you're a member: You’ll be able to have your own free profile page and privileges sort of like a Facebook or MySpace. The great thing is you’ll be a part of the official alliance of Living Waters-trained evangelists, who can offer you personalized guidance and exclusive new features and resources!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

This is why we do what we do...

On Saturday's, a team of people from my church go out and evangelize. For the past few weeks a young man named "JB" (19 yrs old) has had the Gospel preached to him.

I personally shared with him, and so did Emilio. His face is etched in my memory.

The last time we spoke with JB, out at Southlake, was late last month and we urged him to repent and trust in the Savior. I can remember as if it was yesterday, pleading with him, "JB, tonight could be the night that you die...you're not too young to die...please consider what we're saying...you must repent (turn from your sins) and put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!"

This past Saturday night, JB's friends came out to Southlake searching for our evangelism group to tell us the news...the unthinkable news...that JB crashed his red truck last Thursday night and died. I was shocked...my heart sunk when I heard the news.

JB heard the Gospel numerous times--only God knows if he repented before he died. But this is why we do what we do. This is why we share the Gospel and why we're compelled with urgency to do so. One day, you will die. One day, I will die. The ultimate statistic is that 51 out of 51 people die. Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day to repent and believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ. You might not have tomorrow...you might not have tonight. We aren't guaranteed our next breath.

If you're not a Christian...if you've never looked at yourself according to the God's Holy Law The 10 Commandments, don't put it off another minute. Here's what to do evaluate yourself by the 10 Commandments to see how you measure up to God's standards.

Have you ever lied (even once--fibs, white lies, etc.)? Have you ever stolen (the value is irrelevant)? Jesus said, "Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her, has committed adultery already with her in his heart." Have you ever looked with lust? If you have said "Yes" to these three questions (by your own admission), you are a lying, thieving, adulterer at heart; and we've only looked at three of the Ten Commandments.

Have you put God first in your life, or have you created a false god to suit yourself; a god you feel comfortable with? If God judges you by that standard will you be innocent or guilty on the Day of Judgment? You know that you will be guilty, and therefore end up in Hell. But WAIT! LISTEN. There's Good News! God Himself made a way for sinners to be forgiven. Jesus suffered and died on the cross to satisfy the Moral Law — You broke the Law, Jesus paid the fine!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Then He rose from the dead, defeating death. That means that God can forgive you and grant you the gift of everlasting life. Today, here's what to do, confess your sins to God, repent (turn) from your sins, put your trust in Jesus to save you from eternal damnation, and you will pass from death to life.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fishing with Trish at The Pizza Place...

The Way of the Master Radio--Hour 2

If you didn't listen to the full broadcast,
it starts about 20 minutes in to the hour
you can listen here: September 04, 2008 - Hour 2

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Noah's Ark Replica in Holland...really neat!

Replica of Noah's Ark built by a Dutch contractor.

It was built approximately to scale, however is 1/2
the length and 1/3 the width of the Biblical dimensions.
It was built to show the world how massive the Ark
was and how so many animals could have been housed for a long time.

There's Noah...

For more click HERE

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Dreadful Providence and an Endurance that ONLY comes from God

Jason and Vanessa Delgado came to Sovereign Joy Bible Study over a year ago through hearing about us via The Way of the Master Radio. They are avid listeners and have a heart for the lost. From the moment they arrived they both began to serve tirelessly. Jason built the Sovereign Joy Community Church website, he leads worship for our services on a weekly bases, and is practically at our home every week doing some sort of project for the church. Vanessa has become a close friend of mine, she helps to oversee our children's ministry and is an encouragement to young mothers like herself. I was so excited when they announced the news that they were going to have their second child.

It was on August 19th that they were scheduled for their first sonogram. She called me the same day--shortly after the appointment. The sonogram revealed that they were having TWINS--I screamed with joy into the phone when I heard the news. But that wasn't all she had to share. Vanessa went on to explain...

"But Trish...." She added. "....they are conjoined."

I paused. In shock. I couldn't believe my ears.

So I repeated,

"Vanessa, Did you say they are conjoined?"

"Yes" She answered. I paused again. And didn't know what to say. I hadn't met anyone my entire life that even knew of anyone with conjoined twins. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. But at that moment, I knew that God wanted to use this dreadful providence to receive glory.

She explained what happened when the doctor told her the news, "I started crying for a few minutes and then the Lord just comforted me I remember saying, 'Well, these are our babies and we are going to take care of them and love them no matter what.' I also remember saying, "I am so thankful that God gave us these babies and not someone who wouldn't take care of them."

The endurance that they have shown the past couple weeks is an endurance that can ONLY come from God. They are a testimony to me and have blessed my heart beyond measure. You can visit their blog and read more HERE. Below is a word from my husband.

"As a pastor, it has been my deep privilege to know these two saints of God, to watch them hold up God as being absolutely good and sovereign in the midst of unbearable circumstances. Jason and Vanessa Delgado have served Christ with a selfless heart, looking only to God to please, and never complaining about one thing--their example has been Christ like. Jason has served us at Sovereign Joy Community Church (SJCC) in endless ways. Vanessa's invincible love for children has made the nature of this trial particularly vexing and hard. Vanessa has been serving in children's ministry from the moment they came to Sovereign Joy. The prayers and the hearts of the SJCC members are united behind this family, we are praying that God would work His will, that He would do miracles, that He would receive utmost glory, and that we would humble ourselves beneath His sovereign hand." Emilio Ramos (Pastor for preaching, Sovereign Joy Community Church)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Enter to Win a FREE copy of "Life As A Vapor" by John Piper

The apostle James tells us that our life is like a vapor that appears for a time and then vanishes away. But as Christians, we have hold of something that will stand forever. Pastor John Piper offers 31 meditations that express a heart-longing for Christ---our anchor through all our moments and days (192 pages). This book as been a great source of encouragement to me and has reminder that life is short, that our days are numbered, and how our focus in life is to live for the glory of God while making much of Him in all we endeavor to do!

"Very few people have inspired us in quite the same way that Piper has. His shameless preaching of the truth always kick us in the teeth, challenging us to evaluate our lives, our worldview, and our understanding of God." Caedmon's Call

Here is what to do: Leave a comment below with your name and some way for me to contact you if you win (email or blog link is fine). If you aren't able to leave a comment send your entry to email@fishwithtrish.com. Comments will be opened through next Monday and a winner will be randomly chosen next Tuesday. Open to U.S. residents only.