Friday, September 5, 2008

Fishing with Trish at The Pizza Place...

The Way of the Master Radio--Hour 2

If you didn't listen to the full broadcast,
it starts about 20 minutes in to the hour
you can listen here: September 04, 2008 - Hour 2


Wretched said...

AAAAh C'mon Rob! You can do this! That was me before the L-rd graciously saved me. I knew the right path but I loved my sin too much. But just like too much fetuccini alfredo will kill you even as you enjoy every last drop of creamy delicious sauce, your sin is dragging you straight to hell and sure you'll enjoy a lot of the ride there but that step into eternity of torment will make your sins look so stupid and foolish you'll spend the first 5 millenia weeping over your love of sin. The next 5 millenia feeling so foolish you'll vomit and the rest of eternity knowing you deserve this for Who you've sinned against.
Dude repent! You have no idea what joy The L-rd has in store for you. I thought I loved and enjoyed my sin but man I had no IDEA what joy and love were like. I love pleasing my Savior more than life. I love saying no to sin more than I EVER loved my sin.
Repent, turn from your sins and put your faith in The only One Who can forgive you. Jesus Christ The Righteous.

Fish With Trish said...

Well said wretched. Thank you. I appreciate your comment to Rob.