Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Set your Tivo or Watch it air Live....

The Way of the Master Season 4. Debuts tonight 9/18 on 
TBN at 7pm (EST). 
This is the season from that crazy 13 country 13 day trip to Europe. 


Meet the team: 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm tempted to Rap this...or better idea would be for Shai Linne to!

Cling to Jesus. There's no other way!

“Why Jesus?” You ask. “What's He got to say?”

Let me start over and tell you the biblical way.

You see you've broken a law you can not pay.

If you've told one lie it will be Hell on that dreadful Day.

“One LIE!?” You plead. “You've got to be kidding me!”

Oh yes, one lie is all it takes. You see the bible says all liars will have their place…

In the lake of fire where there is no rest.

“What!? How can it be…I've done nothing wrong and I've been the best.”

If you've broken one commandment you've broken them all.

You can consider your self a liar, adulterer, blasphemer and that's not all.

If you've hated your brother you are a murderer at heart and if you've stolen one thing it's too late to start...to start over and pay for what you've taken. Because time doesn't erase sin only one payment can.

But wait there's hope!

“Hope?” You inquire.

“Hope for me? I've been nothing but a liar. I've sinned against God. I deserve Hell fire.”

Yes! Hope for you to escape.

And there's only one way and we're back to the start.

You need Jesus Christ and He'll give you a new heart.

Christ lived a perfect life for sinners like you and me. He hung on a cross upon Calvary. He was beaten and bruised for our wickedness. It was as if He committed the crime even though he was spotless. He rose from the dead in 1 2…3 days on time! And conquered the grave and the victory is thine.

What you must do is call out to Him.

Humble yourself, repent, and turn from your sin.

He will instantly translate you from darkness to light.

He'll reconcile you to God and you'll be His delight.

Pleasing to the Father. Isn't that what you want?

There's no time to waste. Tomorrow may never come.

If you hear the call of God today, turn to the Son!