Friday, September 19, 2008

Islam Exposed...

We met Zabi right away, he was studying for college and writing away like crazy--all his books and papers were everywhere. When we asked him what he was writing, he told us it was a book he was working on called, "Islam-Exposed". Although it sounded like an anti-Islamic thing, it was actually pro-Muslim. He used the title to try to get non-Muslims to read it.

He was a very nice young man and extremely eager to be on The Way of the Master Radio. As he was on the air, he began pacing back and forth--he was really into the conversation. After our follow up with Zabi, we discovered that he took his Muslim faith very serious. I guess I had a pretty good idea he was a devout Muslim from the outset--he wouldn't shake my hand because men aren't suppose to touch a woman like that, according to Zabi.

He was not always a Muslim, he had "tried" Christianity but ultimately ended up a Muslim. I probed him as to the reasons he had for rejecting the Bible and embracing Islam. Like most Muslims, Zabi claimed that the bible had been corrupted. I asked him how it was possible for "Allah" to allow his revelation to be corrupted by man, and what guarantee he had that Allah would not allow that to happen again.

He kept alluding to the fact that time was the necessary agent in the Bible's corruption. But when asked to give sources that objectively proved his assertion about the Bible's corruption, there was no reply. "If it does not agree with the Quran, which has never changed, then it is corrupted." He said.

But Emilio pointed out that Mormons could have a similar claim about the book of Mormon. In the end Zabi like all Muslims are hoping in their good works to save them when they die. Heaven and Hell are dependent upon how many good works one can do versus evil works. That left him with no assurance and as we suggested to him with no peace either.
The peace and assurance Muslims are striving for can only be found in the person and work of Jesus Christ, which we gladly shared with him.
If you didn't get to listen to the program, you can listen to the full segment here: September 18, 2008 - Hour 1 (it starts about 40 min. into the program).


ForGodsGlory said...

I listened to this encounter yesterday. He did keep going back to the fact that he hoped his good deeds would outweigh his bad. I was wondering why Ray didn't mention that even our good deeds are as 'filthy rags' in the sight of a Holy and Just God. It probably would not have mattered in the end, but I'd like to have heard his response to that.

In Christ,

Susan said...

I hope and pray that Zabi will repent and believe in Christ as his savior, we definitely want someone as zealous as he is on our side.

Jason and Vanessa said...

I loved hearing how much passion that guy had on the air, I pray he puts that passion into Christ!

Unknown said...

Have you people ever seen the war that is fought all around the world ? Why is it you feel the need to run around and try to glorify God, when infact you should run around and fight to help mankind, not try to expose what is wrong with all religions.
Christianity or any other religion isnt the key to finding happiness, not one or the other is right and one is wrong. I enjoy reading these stories and finding justification in the comments that all is loss in religion.
Anybody who has studied religion other then there own can find a straight forward belief in all that there is a being that controls the greater destiny of people and never is it said one person is better then another. Stop trying to expose another who finds happiness in their beliefs and look to yourself if you feel the need to self enflict wounds to make you feel good about yourself.

Unknown said...


I listened to this today (I'm a bit behind on my podcasts), and my heart just ached for this young man putting so much faith into his own "goodness". I hope and pray he repents and puts his trust in Jesus before it's too late.

I have to ask this. Has there been many people who just flat out refuse to talk on the radio if they know it's some sort of "religious" program? I ask because at my college a few years back, our Christian Fellowship Group handed out a bunch of Way of the Master gospel tracts (we had an older gentleman let us use his as he had bought a whole bunch of them as a set). Some people from our group leader's church had made cookies to hand out when they found out what they were doing. A guy walked up to me, tempted by a cookie, and as soon as I told him what group we were from (it was a week long thing where all the college groups had tables so that people who were interested could join) he just became so angry and walked away saying, "No way!" I was hoping to slip a gospel tract in with the cookie, but he wouldn't even take the cookie.

I just thought I would ask since I think about that a lot when I hear the witness encounters on Way of the Master Radio.

Anonymous said...

Last week, I witnessed to Abdul, a Muslim man who was sitting next to me in a 16-min plane trip. He was carrying his Quran and another religious book and wearing a religious cap. (I guess because he was participating in Ramadan.)What's uncanny is that when I began to witnessed to him the conversation was just like the one Trish and Emilio had with Zabi. Abdul also said that he had studied in a Christian school in England for 12 years so he knew "everything" about Christianity. The conversation went quite well, until he brought up the claim that it was Jews who were responsible for the division (denominations) of Christianity. It was quite obvious he hates Jews.