Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 jam packed days in California --Ambassadors' Academy #5

As I was boarding on the plane from Dallas to California...I sat down in a window seat--I love window seats because I can gaze out the window and worship God for his wonderful creation--I glanced to my right and all of a sudden a young girl plops down next to me on the left and, in Spanish, says so loudly that practically five rows could hear, "Como Estas Senora???...I mean don't look old enough to be I'll call you Senorita!!!"

I replied..."Muy bien...Gracias...your Spanish is really good!" She sort of startled me because she was very outgoing and I didn't know if see was practicing Spanish for school or if she thought I didn't speak English.
Then her mom sat down and they introduced themselves. Minutes later, they explained how they were on their way to Burbank for an audition. Apparently the young 12 year old is in films--that explained her boldness when she met me.

We practically talked the entire time which was great because it made the time pass quickly. When they asked me what I "did" for a job I used Kirk Cameron's childhood acting to relate to her and then I shared about what I do for the ministry which lead me to a clear Gospel presentation. So then next time your on a plane don't forget to share your faith with the person sitting next to you.

That was the first day. Then the second day, Thursday I worked at the ministry (with the wonderful staff--photographed right Danny, Liz, Joel and Marvin) while the Academy participants where in sessions with Kirk, Ray, E.Z. Mark, Scotty, and Tony.
At noon, I went to Cerritos College to do street fishing for the radio. If you listened to The Way of the Master Radio last week, my follow-up with Petro "Nelo" Rodriguez from hour 1 went really well...he and a good friend heard the full Gospel message. And for hour 2 with Jeremiah the young Mormon man was pretty interesting. We agreed to disagree on several things. After the program, I didn't hold anything back. I shared that if he believes in the Jesus of Mormonism, then that Jesus is a different Jesus according to the scriptures. The Jesus of Mormonism is NOT the Jesus of the Bible. I took Jeremiah and his three friends through the law and he said that he would be forgiven of his sins because of "what Jesus did and all his good works". So I explained how the scriptures make it clear that we are saved by Christ alone not of anything of ourselves lest we should boast!
Switching gears to something that blessed my heart on the first day of the Academy....When I arrived at the hotel, one of the participants (Nigel Titus) who came to the Academy all the way from Cape Town, Africa said, "Trish, many people back home were asking me before I left for America 'why are you going all the way from Africa to California for just for 3 DAYS of training?!!!' and you know what Trish?...It's only the first day--and today alone was worth all the traveling!...I'm inspired and we still have two more days to go!"

If you are interested in attending, click HERE for details!


Spence Ohana said...

It is nice to be seated next to people that are friendly and sincere while on a flight - especially since you're in such tight quarters! On a recent flight back to Austin, the young teenage girl sitting next to my kids and I sparked a conversation. Turns out her and her brother across the row had the same exact names as my kids!

Glad to hear your Ambassadors Academy was a success and that many traveled from a far to attend. Sounds like you had a nice time seeing everyone at the ministry.

Fish With Trish said...

I sure did have a great time and I sent some time over at Mark and Laura's house and was able to see Lisa Wright as well--we had a blast and I told them you were on my blog :-)

Spence Ohana said...

Oh that's great! Lisa actually used buddy passes on American Airlines through my parents to go out to Cali that weekend. Glad all of you got some great visiting time in!

JesusFreakCLP said...

I had a great conversation on the plane to Cali with a gal who states whe has no particuliar beliefs. The only time she ever stepped inside a "church" was once to a Catholic Mass. She did not understand even the most basics of Christianity. I have always been so afraid to share my faith with the person next to me on a flight. I guess since they can't exactly escape from you if they want. But, it was a teriffic conversation and she heard the gospel for the first time ever. Pray for Shawna. Cindy P