Thursday, July 17, 2008

We rewarded him and took him out for ice cream...

Zack was on his way to get ice cream at Marble Slab when my
husband, Emilio, and I ran into him in front of a Thai restaurant.
Within seconds he was completely willing to be on the second hour of
The Way of the Master Radio which was a breath of fresh air for me.

Zack explained to me that he was a Mormon but with unorthodox Mormon theology. He was kind enough to give us his time and dialogue quite a bit about what he believed. He held to an interesting view of the soul of man, believing that man, at death, simply returned to the
electricity in the universe. Orthodox neither to Mormonism or the historic
Christian faith, Zack's view was a good place to start talking
about eternal issues. Unlike many Mormons, Zack was open to speak
about these things and had many ideas and questions about spiritual matters. So we put him on the air with Todd Friel.

After the program my husband was able to answer and refute much of
what Zack had believed and asserted about the Bible, the canon, and inspiration.

In the end,we gave Zack the good news about Christ crucified. With a knowledge of his sin, and about what Christ did on the cross. Still Zack felt that he was the measure of all things, that he would determine for himself whether or not the God of Scripture was worthy of believing in.

So we talked with him about secular humanism versus the
biblical world view and Zack listened patiently as we talked back
and forth for almost an hour. Then he said,
"I guess I've been given a lot to think about today!"

Because of his gracious attitude we rewarded him and took him out for ice cream. I got chocolate and sweet cream. Emilio ordered half chocolate and cinnamon vanilla, and I'm not sure
what Zack got something with carmel--It was something like an extra extra large. As we ate ice-cream we talked more and gave him tracts and an invite to our church. :-)

We pray that God opens Zack's eyes and grants him eternal life!

If you didn't hear to the program you can listen the broadcast


Jonathan DeSeno said...

We appreciate your site a lot. Thanks for serving the Lord like this.

Becc@ said...

Really cool! I'm SO glad you got to share the gospel with another soul!

I'll most certainly be praying for Zack!

God Bless you!

Fish With Trish said...

Thanks gang for listening to the program and thanks becca for your prayers :-)

Fish With Trish said...

Jonathan, I just noticed you are writing from Bucharest, Romania! Wow...that's such a blessing. I was in Timisoara Romania last year with Ray Comfort and The Way of the Master film crew for the filming of Season 4 of the program you can go to google and plug in "13 Countries in 13 days" and then click on the first link to read our our journeys :-) Blessings to you!