Saturday, February 23, 2008

Take a good look at this photo!

This photo was taken over a year ago in Riverside, California on my way home from work.
If you can't read the sign very well, get a good look at the second photo (below).

You should have seen me, I was laughing so hard that day!
"Liz, I've got to grab my camera! Get a look at this."

Liz was driving, so she didn't get a very good look so I found my camera and while taking a snap shot I said, "This would make a great springboard for the Gospel--it just proves we are law breakers by nature."

"It looks to me like that man is trying to cover up the sign with his umbrella." I explained.

This reminds me of Disneyland. Next time you visit Disneyland, look around. You will not see a single sign that says, "Don't walk on the grass!"

If there were signs, just imagine what all the kids would do!

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