Thursday, June 11, 2015

From The Mail Bag

I love hearing your evangelism stories as they encourage me greatly; even seemingly simple ones like this one that came into the ministry yesterday. Great are the rewards in heaven. :-)

"I have to tell you about my last grocery store trip.  I saw the cashier and was certain I had given him a million dollar bill before, so considered not doing it again.  But then I saw the sacker was new.  I couldn't hand the sacker a million dollars and not the cashier, as that would appear rude.  So I gave both of them million dollars and the tract with all four movies on it.  The cashier said, "I love these million dollar bills!"  So I asked, "Have you read the back?"  He said, "Yes, I read all of it."  Then I remembered his face again as the cashier that told me once, "Look I already have one of these million dollar bills," as he opened his wallet to show me he carries it around with him. I have given him at least three million dollar bills, maybe more.  

I often don't hand them out to people I know for certain I have given them to in the past.  My reasons: 1. I don't want to be harassing. 2. That allows me to give that tract to someone else who hasn't received one before. But I learned from this grocery store trip that I should not worry about handing a tract to someone more than once. That person just might need another one and he or she can certainly pass them along to someone else who hasn't received one." ~Candace W. 

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