Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Righteous Aren't Always As Bold As A Lion. Lol

After ladies’ bible study last night, my friend Kristen and I were hungry. It was late, so we headed to the closest thing still open, which was Applebee’s. It was a beautiful night and they have a nice patio outside, so we decided to sit outside along with about 6 other people sitting at various tables. Immediately, we gave the young guy that seated us a tract. He actually pulled up a chair while he tried to answer the I.Q. test question on the front. Turns out he was Seventh-Day Adventist, so we got to fully share the gospel with him. 

After we had been eating for a bit, a very effeminate guy with a purse walks into the patio area and sits directly behind me. Our eyes got huge. We had just been talking about Ray Comfort's new movie, Audacity, which had been released that very day. Oh, how we wished we had an Audacity tract to give to him! A Biggest Question DVD or a 180 Movie tract would be just as good though, we decided. People love getting free movies.

"I think I have some in my car," Kristen said and she quickly jumped up to go look, but came back empty handed. She couldn't find any.

By now the patio is FULL of people who all seem to be smoking, and one table even had a cute pit bull puppy. Suddenly, fear gripped me just thinking about giving them tracts (and it was not because of their dog, lol). I start digging through my bag trying to find a tract that would allow for a quick getaway and come up with my "Doggit" tract and start tossing them across the table to Kristen.

"Why are you giving them all to me?!" she said. 

"Because I'm suddenly terrified," I said. "You tract the whole patio and I'll give a bathing suit tract to the guy with a purse behind me." 

"Okay," she said. She didn't seem terrified at all.

We paid the bill, grabbed our stuff and our tracts and she took off to the table of 5 people with the pit bull. I turned around to the effeminate guy behind me and say, "Here's a gift for you. Don't turn it over until you think you know the answer. I'll give you a hint it's not a bathing suit, uh, I mean, it's not an asian outfit!" I totally blundered, and then see Kristen leaving the patio. She had only tracted the pit bull table and was now making a beeline for the car. I was quickly hot on her heels digging for my keys, but couldn't find them. Panic is setting in. Did I leave them on the table? “I hope not!”

By this point Kristen was no help. She was just sitting on the curb laughing hysterically and taking my picture as I'm frantically digging for my keys.

"I thought you were going to give tracts to everyone!" I said.

"I was, but then I chickened out." she said.

Keys! I found them! Praise God!

We sat on the curb laughing at ourselves and our fear of man. No angry mob came running out after us. Those people may have been really receptive to the gospel, and hopefully heaven will show the rewards.

When I got home Kristen texted me, "I just looked in my backseat and there's a whole bag full of 180 tracts."

Figures. Lol. 

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Melanie said...

Aww Trish you always look so bold and seem so confident when you witness to people. I've almost never had good experiences giving out tracts to people. I had been leaving them at the gym in lockers, but I very frequently find them later in the trash. I need to get back in the habit of leaving tracts (and going to the gym!)

God bless you Trish. Your ministry has always been a blessing to me.