Friday, February 20, 2015

Romans 8:28

Went to take my dog Lilly to get groomed, but I didn't have her rabies paperwork, so they wouldn't take her. Instead of getting upset, I ended up giving all the groomers Million Dollar Bills saying, “Thanks a million!” They all laughed really hard. 

As I was walking out I saw two cashiers talking to one another at the cash register and since there was no one in line I decided to give them Millions too. One girl read the million dollar question on the back out loud, so I said, “You guys know where you’re going when you die?” The one girl, Leilani, professed the Lord really strong with a very strong gospel message; the strongest one I've heard in a while that had a lot of zeal and passion for the Lord. She unashamedly said the Gospel in front of her co-worker Kaitlyn. Then a customer came up to Kaitlyn’s register, but I could tell that God was really working on her. She said, “I hope I go to heaven when I die,” with a lot of concern in her eyes. Leilani offered to take her customer for her, and I ended up talking to Kaitlyn for a good 15 minutes or longer as she confessed all kinds of things to me. Then we both almost started crying and she said, “It's my son's one year birthday today and here you are talking to me.” I explained to her what it meant to be born again and that God wants her to have a birthday. She ended by telling me that she never works the front cash register, which Leilani confirmed. I'm glad that I missed that appointment and that they couldn't take Lilly in. Romans 8:28.

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