Thursday, February 19, 2015

101 Things Dogs Do To Annoy Their Owners

Have you seen my friend Ray Comfort's book "101 Things Dogs Do To Annoy Their Owners"? It's a hilarious read, and contains the gospel, so my friend used it one day as a gospel tract:

"I was waiting my turn at the salon when I heard the lady before me talking about the radiation treatments she is currently going through. She blasphemed a few times too. Then somehow the subject of her dog came up. Turns out she adopted it from a shelter after it had been tied to some railroad tracks in Dallas, but thankfully was rescued by the train conductor. The story made the news apparently.

I thought, 'This blaspheming dog lover that's going through a life-threatening event really needs the gospel.' I checked my bag and thankfully had a copy of '101 Things Dogs Do To Annoy Their Owners.' She loved it.

That was the first copy I've handed out since I got my order the other day. Didn't take long to find just the right person." :-)

Get your copy here:

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