Friday, July 8, 2011

A Response to a Comment on my "Uh-Oh" Club (for women only) post

“I don't understand the point of this type of correction if it's with people who don't even profess Christianity. Seems like a side issue if they aren't saved. If they dress modestly but still go to hell, what good have I done? Modesty is a heart issue, it will automatically follow repentance at some point in a believer's life. As believers, we need to have compassion on the lost and let that compassion drive us to share the gospel with them. Focusing instead on modesty is getting side-tracked. – Ginger”

Ginger, thank you for commenting. And thank you for your patience in receiving this response. I have been planning 3 "Transformed" Conferences, 1 Deeper Conference, a Psalm 119 Conference, preparing for a speaking engagement in California, answering a bucket full of emails, serving my husband and the local church, and blogging comes somewhere after feeding my dog, Baby.

You said that it, "Seems like a side issue if they aren't saved." You’re right, it is a side issue. I'm glad you recognize it as an "issue". Abortion is a side issue. But it is an issue - a huge issue.

In my post, did you notice that I encouraged ladies to hand them a "tract" (these contain a gospel message) and better yet, to "talk" to them. While talking to them, bring them through the law and give them the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I apologize if I wasn’t clear in my first post. I can see how you may have thought that I was sounding an alarm for every Christian woman to be the “Modesty Police”. I'm not the best with words. So thank you for understanding. Just for clarification, my aim is to encourage Christian ladies to pass out tracts and evangelize one - 2 - one (that is the first priority) and also when it is appropriate (and using good discernment) to say something about inappropriate dress - even if it is a small "Uh-Oh" as you hand them a tract. We can never assume that someone meant to dress immodestly on purpose. So a discreet “Uh Oh” may be all it takes. In my post, did you notice that the young lady thanked me for doing this. She sounded genuinely thankful. But she may have been thanking me for the tract. Make no mistake, the Gospel is always the priority. You are spot on there.

You'd be surprised how many ladies I have talked to about the Lord that start to cover up about half way through the Gospel presentation. I didn't even have to mention their immodesty.

In my post, I failed to point out that my dear friend, Kristen, was with me. I said “Uh Oh” in a whisper like fashion as I discreetly pointed that I don’t think Kristen (who was standing right next to me) heard or saw what I did. The way I wrote, in my first post, may have communicated that I was on a loud speaker when I said “Uh Oh" and by no means was this the case.

Many women that I have personally talked to at various places like the University Campus, at Walmart, Ross, the 99 cent store, the Post Office, at Down Town Fort Worth, and at the Southlake Town Square, “profess” to “know” Christ but have adopted the really low cut shirt standards that the world espouse. So one idea might be to simply ask them if they are a Christian, if they say yes, gently show them the way more accurate in meekness and in love (1Tim 2:9-10). Maybe they are not receiving proper instruction at their local church and perhaps God wants to use you to speak into their lives. It may sting them. Sometimes words that are true sting. They hurt at first, but “better is an open rebuke than hidden love” (Proverbs 27:5).

Remember if you are a Christian you are the salt of the earth, you are the and light of the world.

Listen to what John MacArthur has to say about Matt 5:13-14:

“Salt stings. Not only is it white and adds flavor, it has a medicinal or healing property when put into a wound. So some say that the Lord is saying, "Believers are not to be honey to soothe the sinful world, you are to be salt in the world, so whenever you see a place where there is a problem, you should just throw yourselves in and make it sting." I like that. I don't think we do near enough of that. I think we just want to drip honey on everyone, and we figure that if we never offend, if we just go along in life, it will be alright. If we gloss it over and let it be the way it is, nobody will get upset and everyone will say, "Oh, those Christians are so loving and tolerant of us." But there is never a clear definition of a distinction, you see. We're not honey, we're salt…

The heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. This is Jesus' view, the view of any thinking person. Any evolutionist would have to be blind to reality to think human society is on the ascent. It isn't true. So our Lord is saying that since we have a decaying, corrupted society shrouded in darkness, this society needs salt to retard the corruption and light to brighten the darkness. The presupposition, the darkness and decay of the world…

God has a plan. The plan is the dominion of the disciples. He sets us up in the world as a holy priesthood, a kingdom of priests, as kings and priests. He says, "I'm giving you dominion, I'm giving you a restored dominion that man lost in the Fall. You are My kings, and you are My vice-regents, you are My princes in the world. You are My priests and prophets in the world, and your job is to retard the corruption and bring light to the darkness.

You know what's so sad about it? Instead of the church influencing the world this way, the church is influenced by the world. The very things we talked about this morning, and what we've talked about in the past, we become victimized. Remember when we talked about the crises of Christianity and how the church has fallen victim to so many trends in human society? It's ludicrous what the church permits under the influence of the world.

So what is the plan? Verse 13. "You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Let your light so shine before men." Guess who has the responsibility? You! To whom does the 'you' refer? I believe it refers to the disciples, the believers; they are the agents of divine transformation. They are the ones who are salt and light.

Not only are we to retard the corruption, but we are to manifest the truth, both a negative and a positive. By our influence, we retard corruption. By our verbalization and our living, we manifest the truth. So you have here the influence of a silent testimony and the impact of a verbal and living testimony. Our salt influence may be silent and hidden as salt was rubbed into meat to preserve it. But our light influence has to be open and ablaze in the way we live and in the manifestation of verbalizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ."


Ginger said...

Thank you, Trish, for your well-though-out reply. I appreciate it!
In your first post, it did appear that modesty was primary and the gospel was tacked onto the end. I really appreciate your clearing that up.
I definitely do believe that women cover up when they hear the gospel. I have seen it myself. The gospel is convicting. The law makes us realize our sinfulness.
In my unregenerate state, I know I would have said: Yea, I know it's causing those guys to gawk, lady, that's the point!
I remember my mom telling me (as a teen) that dressing immodestly was going to cause boys to lust. At the time, I thought that was really naive of her. Of course it would! That was my whole point in dressing that way. It wasn't until God saved me that my eyes were opened up to what that really meant. I wasn't causing my Christian brothers pleasure; I was giving them grief. I was forcing them to struggle in their faith because of ME!
In my blindness, the modesty talk was completely ineffective. But when I received the gospel and God granted me repentance, then I wanted to dress modestly, not just for the sake of my Christian brothers, but to please the Lord I love.

noah buddy said...

Trish, who are you trying to kid?

You completely side-step the issue that it's about emotional maturity of men.

It doesn't matter what you wear, men will still lust. It's normal. It's Human.

Your posts smacks of trying to skate away from the arguments made. You're only kidding yourself if you do this. You know very well that just because the goods are there, that it's not an invitation.

An emotionally mature man knows this. Are you saying that your "Christian brothers" are still stuck in adolescence? It would explain much of their behaviour.

That would explain also the high rate of infidelity among evangelicals. They simply don't know how to handle their hungers other than shaming it. Ridiculous. The more you forbid something, the more tempting it gets.

But of course, that will fall on deaf ears I am sure. You've been conditioned into thinking it's "Your fault" when it's not.


IDT Mid-America said...

Thank you, Trish! Speaking as one of your "Christian brothers" and a normal guy, I appreciate it when women dress modestly and respectfully. Revealing clothes reveal that the woman lacks respect for herself and others. God bless you!

Guinevere said...

Oh, good grief. How are YOU the arbiter of modesty? Do you really think you have some special ability to read the Bible and infer how Christian women should dress, and the rest of us are just missing it?

The way I dress is between me and my God. If I met you in real life and you uh-oh'ed me for wearing clothes that don't fit your personal definition of modest, I'd be forced to uh-oh your unnatural looking highlights. Not because I think God cares, but if fashion DID ever enter His mind, I'm sure they'd make Him sad. You are such a poor example of a Christian and a poor witness (and not just because of the skanky hair).

Unknown said...

Um wow at some of the comments.

I mostly agree with the blog post... its not just one parties responsibility though. It seems like its a shared responsibility.

The problem I have with it is what is "immodesty"? I am going to assume that you mean mostly clothes that are deliberately revealing like low cut tops or super tight maybe?

I've also seen too many "Christian" men call women names because they wear "too much makeup" or something else, and the names that they call them aren't very nice... in fact, I've heard "Christian" men call women "whores" because they wear hoop earrings!!

As a woman, I care. I care if I cause someone else to stumble because of something I do.

Unknown said...

lol apparently this is a problem across the board:

Unknown said...

Is a low cut skirt bad? I thought a low cut skirt was modest. A skirt cut low to the ground.

Isn't it a high cut skirt (mini skirt) what is immodest?

Unknown said...

Is a low cut skirt bad? I thought a low cut skirt was modest. A skirt cut low to the ground.

Isn't it a high cut skirt (mini skirt) what is immodest?