Thursday, May 1, 2008

Learn About Islam-Meet Abdul (an Imam)

When talking to Muslim's I usually take them through the law like I would anyone else and then I will ask them If Mohammad was a good trustworthy prophet. They answer, "Of course." Then I ask them, "What did Mohammad say about the Prophet Jesus." Usually they will say, "Prophet Mohammad said that Prophet Jesus was a good Prophet." Then I ask them, "Did Mohammad tell the truth?" They say, "Of course." At this point I have established in there mind that the Prophet Jesus was reliable and good so then I give them the gospel and if they deny the words of Jesus then they are calling their own Prophet a liar.

My husband (Emilio Ramos) has an introductory teaching on Islam and a teaching on the composition of the Quran that you might find helpful. You can listen HERE

The Way of the Master Radio spot starts at the 40 minute mark and continues for two segments you can listen HERE

Special thanks to my good friend Michael Hampton for editing this video!

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