Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Join us tomorrow night for Expelled!

A group of us are going to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed the movie. I have already seen the movie once--but tomorrow night will be my second time--it's that good. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I would like to invite you out to join Sovereign Joy Community Church as we watch Expelled in Southlake, TX. Individuals from our church are meeting in front of the theatre at 6:15 pm. The movie begins at 6:50 pm. Then after the show we will hit the streets to share our faith.

Theater Information

Harkins Southlake Town Center 14
Address:1450 Plaza PlaceSouthlake, TX 76092
Phone: (972) 221-4275
Directions: Hwy 114 & Southlake Blvd.
Showtime & Date: 6:50pm, the evening ofWed, Apr. 30th

Purchase tickets online HERE
If you haven't see this movie yet, please take the time to go to a theater near you and watch it!

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