Friday, February 22, 2008

Justice heard about God's justice yesterday!

This young man, Justice, was on The Way of the Master Radio yesterday during Hour 2.

Immediately after the program he said, "I was at the doctor the other day and the last thing the doctor told me was to 'find God' "

My husband and I were shocked to hear this so we asked him for clarification, "Did he say to 'find God' or 'define God!' "

"He said 'that I needed to 'find God' and that would help me out."

Then he continued, "It is just kind of I am today...right now talking about God. I would like to find Him. I've been looking. I've been asking. I guess I haven't found Him. I'm ready to.--I've been ready to."

Needless to say we (my husband, and Cameron too) spent an hour after the radio program talking to Justice about how to get right with God.

Justice, if you are reading this, I look forward to seeing you sometime at church. You are a bright young man with good questions. I hope that you cried out to the Lord yesterday, repented and placed all your trust in Christ. I really seems like God is doing a wonderful work in you. Thank you for listening to all of our answers to your questions. Please pick up that Bible we gave you and read it. There are so many answers in there. I have been thanking God all last night and today that we met you yesterday. I know it wasn't by chance! :-)

To listen click here February 21, 2008 - Hour 2 the segment starts about 20 minutes into the program.


dede said...

greetings sister-in-Christ,

i have been following "way of the Master" for 2-3yrs. as a disiple of Christ, i often plug into you and the "way of the Master radio" to stay up on the teachings.

it is very encouraging to me, a women, to hear the "style" that women play in evangelism.

this is where iron sharpens iron. thank u trish.

oh, one more comment. i always shed a tear (or two) when i hear the people you interview get convicted by our Holy Spirit. He touches me right through the internet waves.


Fish With Trish said...

Thank you Dede! I am do glad that you are a listener. I was in tears yesterday. This young man really was moved by the Lord. I thank God for His work of regeneration in the heart of man and that he saved me! Wow. It still amazes me. Thank you for your comment. It made my night :-)