Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

I was at the store last Friday night picking up some goodies for our weekly prayer meeting. I gave tracts to the people in the check out line and was heading for the exit when I saw a man standing there waiting.  He wasn't very clean cut. 

"He's a tract hater for sure. He's going to yell at me and throw it right back in my face," I told myself.

I shakily gave him a tract, exited the store, and hoped for the best. I made it as far as the Girl Scouts selling cookies right outside, when I heard, "Excuse me." I turned around and it was the tract hater. He put the tract right in my face and said, "This is a FANTASTIC way to share the gospel!" I couldn't believe my ears. His face was radiant. He was totally unashamed of the gospel and was going on and on about it right in front of the Girl Scouts.

I guess God was reminding me not judge a book by its seemingly tract hating cover. :-)

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Everyday Evangelism said...

I had to laugh at this post! I do the same exact thing, and am surprised when the person I *knew* was going to reject the tract actually accepted it and was grateful for it. Sometimes, even good conversations come from it. One bad experience with giving out a tract, I think leads me to stereotyping people. For example, many times I have given tracts to older women and some get so angry. One reported me to the store manager. Another one told me she hopes God judges me for what I am doing. So, in my mind I don't like giving out tracts to old women. But, many times I am surprised that they do take the tracts and some of them are grateful and they gladly receive the gospel message on the tract.