Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Crumbling Of A Grumbling Spirit

The other night a sister came up to me after a prayer meeting, and while we were fellowshipping somehow we got on the topic of grumbling and complaining. It probably had something to do with her entire house being flooded the other day and how people were surprised that she was not grumbling about it. This topic lead us to Psalm 106:25-26, which talks abut Israel grumbling and how it led God to cast them down into the wilderness. Scary. 

Our culture sets us up to complain in various forms such as, wanting our feedback for services or giving our complaints online. There are comment cards at restaurants and in doctor’s offices. We feel as if we are entitled to give our feedback, especially if we don’t like a particular item, product or service. Imagine, the next time you complain about something, if it were stripped away like Israel.

Sometimes after my husband eats he sneezes about 10 times. This used to drive me batty, but then I started having health issues and thought I was going to die, and the reality of losing him and everything around me made me very aware of the little hidden sins of grumbling.

My encouragement and challenge to anyone reading this is to try to be fully aware of the negative comments and the grumbling that may pour out of your mouth, and then to think about this verse…“Do everything without grumbling and complaining” (Phillippians 2:14.)

Look at the word “everything.” Wow. This is convicting. "Everything” means everything. :-)

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simplewithsyd said...

That's encompasses....well...EVERYTHING! Yikes!

I like what follows - kind of the 'why' we should not grumble.

We are right in the middle of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom 'WE' SHINE AS LIGHTS IN THE WORLD. HOLDING OUT THE WORD OF LIFE....

If we allow ourselves to continue in the grumbling, we become like them and our light is not seen :(