Thursday, January 8, 2015

"God doesn't need us to be smart, witty, charming or anything this world may think well of. But because He's so benevolent, He equips every heart who is willing and ready to serve Him with everything they need to do the good work that He has prepared for them beforehand (Eph 2:10).

Several years ago during one of my many hospital stays and surgeries, I prayed earnestly that God would equip and bless me with opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone I could. After all, why be weak in the flesh if I can't use it as a platform to strengthen other people's spirit with the Good News, right?

After my surgery, while I was in recovery, in a weak voice, I asked the recovery nurse, "Do you know Jesus Christ?" She said, "Excuse me?" So I mustered up what strength I could and spoke as loudly as I was able, "Do you know Jesus Christ?" She cheerfully responded, "Oh, yes, yes I do." I said, "Oh that's wonderful. Tell, me what you know about Him?"

Later when I awoke, I found myself in my hospital room. I vaguely recalled the conversation, but wasn't sure if it really happened, or if I just dreamt it. I heard people dream strange things while under anesthesia.

About two weeks later, our oldest son needed to have surgery due to appendicitis. He was in the same hospital.

When we went to the recovery room, the nurse said, "Hey, I remember you." I said, "You do? From where?" She said, from here. You had surgery here a couple of weeks ago and I was your recovery room nurse. It was an odd and quiet night where you were the only patient here and you asked me if I knew Jesus Christ. At first I thought you were dreaming, but then I realized you were talking to me. When I told you I did know Jesus, you asked me what I knew about Him and how I knew Him. You told me about why Jesus came and who He really is. You wanted to make sure I really knew Him and that He knew me. We talked for about a good 30 minutes." I was very happily surprised and told her I didn't remember anything except about asking her if she knew Jesus, so I asked her what we talked about and how did she answer my questions? She was a bit relieved I didn't recall our conversation because she shared some personal things and said she preferred not to reshare.

So I left her with a Gospel tract (which I always have handy) and encouraged her to seriously consider whatever it was I shared with her while I was still under anesthesia and not fully conscious. She marveled at the fact that I was so lucid while still under the affects of the anesthesia and was sure now that the Lord had sent me. I agreed with her and told her if I was sick and sent there just for her eternal good, it was definitely worth it. I told her I would keep her in my prayers. She thanked me. We hugged and parted ways. I still pray for her."

Hat tip: Abandoned to Christ

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