Friday, May 10, 2013

Still Wondering What to give Mom?

This is one thing money can't buy....

"I’ve received some wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day, such as breakfast in bed (somewhat edible), homemade cards, and handpicked weedy flowers from our yard.  I love these kinds of gifts because they’re the heartfelt kind that money can’t buy, and I know that a lot of thought went into them.  Store bought gifts are nice too, but there’s just something special about a gift made just for me, intended to soothe my mind, be music to my ears, make my heart sing, and bring me tears of joy. The best Mother’s Day gift of all encompasses all of these things. And it’s a gift that money can’t buy because, for one thing, you can’t put a price on it. You can’t see it either, or hold it, or eat it, or drink it, or listen to it. Yet, this gift is one I will treasure above any other because I get to enjoy it every minute of every day until the day I die. It’s the gift of knowing that my child is walking with the Lord. From the moment they are born, we start preparing them for our gift by preparing them for eternity. God has blessed us with breath in this life, which is but a vapor, and eternity is, well, eternity. So, turns out, this is a gift for both of us." - Kristen R.

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