Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What The Emergency Vet Had to Say to us....

Had to take Baby (our dog) to the emergency vet last night. She was coughing and breathing bad. It progressed rather quickly. Bad enough for us to not wait till the AM to take her to a regular vet.

Once we arrived at the Emergency Center. They did tests and found a heart problem. The Emergency Doc looked at us square in the eyes and said several times, “We must convert her heart...we must get her heart converted out of the rhythm it's in or she could die at any moment." All I kept thinking about was Emilio’s book “Convert” that will be in print any day now and that if our hearts are not converted TO Christ we will surely die!   

Please think about this for a moment, if you aren't in Christ, if you haven't repented of your sins, if you haven't trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of sins....the question is "Why not?" Please, don't wait till tomorrow to do this. You don't know if it will come. TODAY is the day of salvation. Cry out to Him. Humble yourself, repent and turn from your sin. He alone can save you. Humble yourself beneath the mighty hand of God and He will pour out grace upon grace on your head. The moment you do that, He will instantly translate you from darkness to light. He will reconcile you to God and you'll be His delight. He will Convert your heart. He will cleanse you and make you new.

There are only two kids of people in the World. You are either in Adam or in Christ. Which are you? If you are still in Adam with your sins upon your head, then run to Christ. Run as fast as you can and don't look back and then begin to devour the Word of God (The Bible). Don’t worry about what you’ve done or where you’ve been just come to Him. He will forgive you through His Son Jesus Christ. 

All that to say, Baby is in the emergency vet still. Thanks for your prayers, friends.


Lori Williams said...

Oh poor Baby! I know how that it is when your precious pet is at the vet overnight...we've had to do that twice with Ray (cat) and its been so sad. You are so right...today is the day. We spent much time in heavy prayer praying for the victims of Colorado and the shooter himself that the Gospel would be brought to this man that desperately needs it. Convert...today is the day. Bless you guys!

Rose said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. It is amazing how God works... you are in the midst of a crisis with your dog, but God uses even that as a means for you to be able to share the gospel message in a very effective way.

Hope Baby will recover soon. Our old dog has had several very close calls in the past 6 months, but thankfully recovered each time. She is showing her age quite a bit now, but still sweet and such a good companion. Hope all goes well with Baby.

Krystyna said...

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