Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora Shooting, Convert, Free Admission to Psalm 119 and more...

Hi Friends,

A lot has happened today and it breaks my heart to hear about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. As I type, I'm hoping to organize a team of folks to go to the theatre this weekend and pass out The Biggest Question DVD's to those that are hanging around outside. If you live near Aurora, CO and want to help pass them out, email: and in the subject link type "I want to help" and if you can't help distribute but want to give monetarily to make this happen, go to to today to support DVD's.

Did you know the website for “Convert” is LIVE now!

Like it on Facebook and tag my name “Trisha Ramos” and/or Follow Emilio on Twitter and I’ll enter your name to win an electronic download of “Convert” - we are giving away several copies!

The book isn’t in print yet and 2 churches have decided to get a copy for every member!  God is very kind.

And even better…if you are a pastor, I’m inviting you personally to come and join us for FREE in Keller, TX for the 1 Day “Psalm 119 Conference” with Todd Friel, James White, RW Glenn and Emilio Ramos. It will be a terrific time of teaching and the theme is “The Holy Spirit”. Come and get refreshed as you sit under solid teaching. So if you are a pastor and are able to attend, email me at with the following: your name, your guests name, your number and the church you pastor and I will add you to our guest list.

And if you’re not a pastor, tell your pastor! And make sure when you do you let him know that he and a guest will get in free.

Lastly, I want to hear from you…

What is your initial pronunciation of the title when you heard about the book “Convert”? Some people say "Convert" as in: I'm a convert to Christianity others say, "Convert" as in It is God's job to convert the soul. So what did you think? What was your first initial response when you read the title? Vote HERE with what your reaction was to how you pronounce "Convert". And then click HERE and look for the first question to get the answer.

And for those of you that are weary, listen to this insightful reminder from J.R. Miller written in 1914 taken from “Intimate Letters on Personal Problems”:  

“An old Scripture promise reads, "Cast your burden upon the Lord--and He shall sustain you." Psalm 55:22. Every burden you have, you may cast on the Lord; that is, you may lay it on Him in prayer and by faith. But notice that God does not promise to lift the burden away--all He promises is to sustain you, that is, to give you strength to do the work, to bear the burden, to meet the difficulty, to master the hindrance or the obstacle.

Bless God,



Azou said...

I was hoping we could come together on this tragedy, Trish, but apparently you don't like being human.

1. You aren't even offering help to the victims. No money, blood drives, or anything. You are going down there to take advantage of a tragedy to increase your numbers. Shameful.

2. You dedicate maybe a third of a post to the tragedy, and the rest is about advertising your book and event. Disgusting.

Do you even remember when you stopped caring about your fellow human being?

AlwaysGrateful1 said...


Beautiful that a team is forming to help those who witnessed and experienced this tragedy. Many will be asking "why?"

Also, love your closing statement, "Bless God". Great thought and reverence to Him!

Bless God!


Reynold said...

Azou has the right of it...when I can, I'll be giving money to any legitimate charity that offers to help out with what happened there.