Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Atheist Watchdogs Awaken the Church

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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- After reading of an atheist group's demand that Athens, Texas remove a nativity scene from the corner of their courthouse lawn, evangelist Ray Comfort spent some time on the atheists' website reading of their many exploits. Comfort said, "Freedom From Religion Foundation see themselves as moral watchdogs. Among many other suits, they filed a Federal lawsuit against the Town of Whiteville, Tenn., and its mayor, James Bellar, 'to force him to remove crosses on the Whiteville water tower.' One of their news releases states 'An unauthorized Latin cross suddenly appearing at Camp Pendleton must come down, says a national state/church watchdog.'"

Comfort recently created www.180movie.com which has had over 1.8 million YouTube views. He said, "'180' is getting the gospel to the unsaved and at the same time inspiring Christians to share their faith. So I made contact with Pastor Lorick, who is standing up against these atheists (along with 73 other area pastors), offered to give free '180 Courses' to the area churches, and also offered to send in teams to evangelize the area. The pastor loved the idea and was delighted that we wanted to help."

Comfort said that any time Freedom From Religion Foundation try and remove crosses, nativity scenes, etc., he will make some calls. "Whenever they try and bully people with their anti-God agenda, we will make that place ground-zero for an evangelistic campaign. The majority of Americans believe in God, and many of them have had enough of intolerance towards the things of God. Atheists may use the law to make a mayor remove a cross from a water tower, but we will then make it our business to take the cross to thousands."

The best-selling author has already shown that he has the means that can make things happen. "We have faithful workers across the country who gave away 180,000 '180' DVD's in 100 universities, in one day. Those who would like to be involved merely need only join our 180 movie Facebook page, and we will keep them informed of our agenda. We're excited to see when the Freedom From Religion Foundation will make their next move."

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zilch said...

Trish- you do realize, don't you, that what the Freedom From Religion Foundation objects to here, is not the public display of crosses or Nativity scenes, but rather their display on public land? The Disestablishment Clause is for the protection of all of us from the establishment of a State Religion. I would object just as strongly to the display, on public land or in public buildings, of a Cross of David, or a sign saying "God does not exist".

The US Government is supposedly "for the people, by the people, and of the people", and the people include Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, and many more, and it's thus unfair, and against the American spirit of protecting minorities, for the government to endorse any religion- or lack of religion.