Monday, November 7, 2011

Controversial Movie Sent to Sway Mississippian Voters

Contact: Trisha Ramos, 800-437-1893

LOS ANGELES, November 7, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- A link to "180," the controversial viral YouTube sensation that compares American abortion to the Nazi Holocaust, was emailed to 600,000 potential Mississippian voters today by Personhood USA, in an effort to sway their vote to pro-life. The initiative calls upon Mississippians to vote that human life is present at the moment of conception. Ray Comfort, the creator of said, "Personhood USA is in agreement with the scientific community in maintaining that life begins at conception. Those who say that a baby in the womb is not a human being are repeating the mantra of Adolf Hitler, who insisted that the Jews he terminated were non-human." The award-winning, 33-minute movie has received over 1.4 million views in five weeks, and is unique among pro-life videos. It shows eight people changing their minds from being adamantly pro-abortion to being pro-life in a matter of seconds, because they were asked one question. Comfort said, "The amazing thing is that those who watch it often change from pro-abortion to pro-life. We have received thousands of emails from people, many of whom have done a 180":

"We both voted for a pro-choice president the last election. After watching this documentary he said to me in tears that he was wrong. We have had our minds changed about who we vote for."

"I have showed this to almost all my friends, and even the very atheist or very liberal ones have changed their views!"

"I was always pro-choice and now I am pro-life after watching such a powerful video."

"From someone that been pro-choice this video changed my view on life completely."

"I used to vote pro-choice. I will not ever do so again. EVER."

"I'm a senior at a public high school in West Virginia. This past week in our civics class we were writing essays about laws that we wish would change in America. After seeing this video I choose to do mine on abortion, and how I wished it would be illegal. After I had finished reading my essay, a discussion arose in class (obviously) about how they thought abortion should be a choice, especially if the child is unhealthy or was caused because of rape…Because of 180 I was able to turn around the entire class opinion about abortion and by the end of the class 25 of the 25 students and my teacher as well had all raised their hand agreeing that abortion should be illegal."

Comfort added, "Of course, every comment isn't positive, because this is a hot-button issue. The 23,000 plus YouTube comments attest to that." One person wrote of Comfort, "I want a reaction out of this monster. I hate him. I hate his opinions. I hate his tactics. I hate his voice. I hate seeing his stupid movie getting posted every time I try and have an intelligent debate when his movie proves further that the pro-choice movement is far more intelligent, if they rely on this propaganda."


Bob Sorensen said...

You have probably seen this but just in case, here is B. Hussein Obama's pro-abortion voting record:

Azou said...

And we see just how powerful 180 really is.

Good work, Mississippi.