Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Billboard Companies Refuse to Advertise “180”

Contact: Trisha Ramos, 800-437-1893 LOS ANGELES, Nov. 22, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Three of the largest billboard companies in Southern California have declined to promote the pro-life movie "180." Other companies that were approached haven't returned calls. Ray Comfort, the creator of 180movie.com said, "One is owned by a Jewish family. Their spokesperson was very upset that we dared to compare American abortion to the Holocaust. But there are no pictures involved. All we want is to put up text saying: '180movie.com -- award-winning -- free viewing -- one million views in 22 days.' They have the right to refuse, but I think their refusal hasn't been well thought out."

These are the same companies that advertise atheists' mockery of God and the Bible, promote strip clubs and porn conventions.

Comfort added, "If they don't see the comparison of the killing of six million Jews with the slaughter of nearly sixty million Americans through abortion, it's probably because they don't consider a baby in the womb to be human. That's exactly what Hitler did with the Jews. He said that they weren't human, and then he made billions when he killed them and seized their assets. American abortion makes billions through the slaughter of the unborn, and like the Nazi machine it is a well-run money-making industry that has been successful in brainwashing millions into believing that a baby is something other than a baby."

www.180movie.com has created a firestorm with more than 26,000 often angry comments, because it shows eight people who are adamantly pro-abortion changing their minds and becoming pro-life in a matter of seconds, because they were asked one question.

Comfort used http://www.heartchanger.com/ as a rallying point to give away 180,000 DVD's at 100 top U.S. universities in one day in October, and is in the process of giving away hundreds of thousands of copies outside of high schools across the country.

The Los Angeles-based Jewish producer said, "After being turned down by these companies, we decided to ask the churches of America to put 180movie.com on their church signs. We also produced huge '180' window stickers for cars. These take up the whole back window and act as a moving billboard.

"Millions of Americans are being legally slaughtered in our country, but here is something positive we can do. This short movie is changing minds about abortion and saving lives."
Anyone can freely download artwork for billboards in their area, window stickers, and a number of other free items, from www.livingwaters.com/download/180.
Comfort points to the thousands of emails that have poured into his organization, in response to the 33-minute award-winning movie:

"I'm a student at University of Michigan-Flint. I had a conversation with someone who I found out was a Christian and he asked me if I had seen '180' and I told him yes and I loved it. He said that '180' is taking MSU's campus by storm."

"I shared 180 with my pro-abortion literature teacher, and she is now pro-life."

"I'm a senior at a public high school in West Virginia. Because of 180 I was able to turn around the entire class opinion about abortion and by the end of the class 25 of the 25 students and my teacher as well had all raised their hand agreeing that abortion should be illegal."

"I never thought it possible that 33 minutes could have such an impact on my life, but they did. '180' was one of the most (if not THE most) influential movie I have ever seen. It not only changed my mind about abortion, but it also brought me to our Lord Jesus Christ, for I too had hidden myself in denial of God's existence, because of all the sins I have committed."


Michael Coughlin said...

Great testimonies at the end! Good article.

Anonymous said...

Hello Trish,

I was curious, why doesn't Livingwaters just create or buy a mobile billboard, basically a trailer with a large sign attached, and drive it everywhere. They can just put what ever they want on their own billboard.
Just a thought.

BathTub said...

Trish, in your latest press release you say that CNN apologized for Ray being an idiot, or Ray being called an idiot, one or the other. This it he first I have ever heard of it. Do you have a source for this?