Friday, October 28, 2011

Philadelphia Abortion Crime not Murder, Says Movie Producer

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 28, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Ray Comfort, the producer of the viral pro-life movie “180,” in commenting on the alleged murders of seven babies at a Philadelphia abortion clinic, said that the workers crime wasn’t murder. AP reported, October 27th “Two abortion clinic workers pleaded guilty Thursday to third-degree murder in deaths that occurred at a Philadelphia clinic where seven babies were allegedly born alive, then killed with scissors, and a patient died from an overdose of painkillers.”

Comfort said, “These people are accused of ‘performing illegal late-term abortions and killing babies born alive by severing their spinal cords with scissors’ when the workers ‘had no relevant training or license.’ So in essence, their crime wasn’t murder. It was that they weren’t trained to kill unborn babies. The law says that abortions should be safe and legal, and without proper training on how to kill a child, the law is broken. That was their ‘crime.’”
Comfort added that the billion dollar abortion industry in America has been “a powerful and taunting Goliath, but we now have a stone in our sling with ‘180,’ and we are going to see an end to this horror in our nation.” He said that they are receiving thousands of emails and many are saying that their minds have been changed from pro-abortion to pro-life, simply by freely watching the 33-minute documentary at

“I’m a senior at a public high school in West Virginia. This past week in our civics class we were writing essays about laws that we wish would change in America. After seeing this video I choose to do mine on abortion, and how I wished it would be illegal. After I had finished reading my essay, a discussion arose in class (obviously) about how they thought abortion should be a choice, especially if the child is unhealthy or was caused because of rape…Because of 180 I was able to turn around the entire class opinion about abortion and by the end of the class 25 of the 25 students and my teacher as well had all raised their hand agreeing that abortion should be illegal.” has over 20,000 YouTube comments and received more than one million views in 22 days.

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Lori Williams said...

I am soo glad you posted that story of the high school student! What a powerful tool 180 is. It is equipping us with the truth of the this topic and how to share it in a way that makes sense to people. Praying that conversions of faith too will come out of this just as much as the topic of abortion.
Great post Trish!