Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gospel Message on Toothpicks. What?!

"Thank you for calling Living Waters. This is Trisha, how can I help you?"
"Ah yes, I'd like to submit a tract idea." The deep voice on the other end responded.
"Sure, go right ahead, sir." I answered.
"I'd like to see a Gospel message on toothpicks."
"Hmmm." I mumbled.
The caller continued, "That way people can get the Gospel message when they leave the restaurant".
"Hmmm...that's interesting, sir." I responded and added, "How are you going to get the message on the toothpicks?" I inquired.
He answered, "With my TEETH!"
Then the voice broke out into laughter and right away I knew who it was.
"E.Z!!!! I can't believe you!!!" I yelled. "You got me!!!...You got me!!"

(E.Z. is the Vice President of Living Waters. I love working for people that can have this much fun at work. I can remember one caller that sounded like it was E.Z. and I almost said "Come on E.Z....I know it's you!" I'm glad I never did because it was a legitimate customer).

"A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones." Prov 17:22

3 comments: said...

Well, it would be great if the gospel message were on the lips of all Christians. But between their teeth? Not so much.


Anonymous said...

lol! That's funny! I'm gonna borrow his joke!

Where can I get some of those tract purses? I would REALLY REALLY REALLY (eh I think my point is made) love one! :)

Fish With Trish said...

Robin, send me an email at (email [at] and I'll send you the details.