Thursday, September 8, 2011

This video will make you squirm!

Anthony Martin gives a 3 minute Gospel message to the Torrance City Council at their weekly meeting. (The message starts at the 4:34 mark).

A bead of sweat formed on my friend Pastor Steve Sanchez's brow and after my friend Jaylene sent me the link, I got squirmy just watching it.

Here's what Steve writes:

"On the last day of my evangelism class I asked the students, “What unusual place do you think you may want to preach the Gospel?” This was after I had shown them that in America they can preach anywhere, from football games, to In N’ Out Burger; from stop lights to the Porta-Potties at the Rose Parade; from outdoor beer gardens to inside elevators!

Two men raised their hands. The first one said, “I want to share the Gospel at AA meetings.” I encouraged him that after he got kicked out, there are plenty more in the South Bay area where we live.

The second man, Anthony, said that he wanted to share at the Torrance City Council meeting. “How are you going to do that?” I asked.
“Everyone gets three minutes to talk. I’m going to share the most important message they can hear.” Frankly, I didn’t think he would. He was one the quietest guys in my class. Well, imagine my surprise when he sent me a portion of the city’s public access channel—and there he was! "

The message starts at the 4.34 min mark:


Toochief said...

Wow! What courage. Was there any feedback that he received?

Thomas Louw said...

Now that is the way to go.

How do you get that kind of guts?

Can I buy it in a bottle?

Linda Martin said...

It does make me squirm. Tells me I need to repent of my pride.

Fish With Trish said...

I think it would be wonderful if Christians did this all across the US in their city counsel meetings.

Anonymous said...

That was fantastic! God bless that guy! It's given to all of us to witness to the redemption Christ has given us. I do so when asked, but I've never done that. If I get the chance I'm going to do it. Brilliant!
Thanks Trish for the inspiration your site has given me. God bless you and keep you near him.