Friday, July 15, 2011

No greater authority to which Christian's can appeal

The subject of forensics has always fascinated me. In law enforcement officials going out to make an arrest first need to get the proper search warrant. This warrant gives the officers the necessary authority to bang down doors and invade a person’s privacy in a lawful way. The Great Commission is the church’s search warrant if you would to go into all the nations of the world and arrest them with the gospel. Our authority does not come from a lady clerk in a cubical at an American embassy, but from the throne of God! It is based on Christ’s authority that we are able to go into otherwise closed nations, Muslim nations, Communist nations, and compel them to come into God’s church. There is no greater authority to which we can appeal. There is no denomination, no missions board, or missions agency, or evangelistic organization that will grant us greater authorization to bust down the doors of the nations and bring the nations to the obedience of faith than the exalted all-authoritative King and Sovereign of the universe telling us to “make disciples” for His name’s sake.
- Emilio Ramos on the "Great Commission" (Matt 28:16:20)


Charlene said...

I think Bruce Olson (of "Bruchko" fame) would agree. When he went to South America as a 19 yo to preach the gospel to the Motilone Indians with no missions board or organization, he was widely criticized by other missionaries because he planned to preach the gospel without any "authority" to be there. But God had called him there and he knew that was all the authority he needed. And God did tremendous things through this one obedient man.

noah buddy said...


Your argumentation shows that you have a total lack of respect for other cultures and creeds. In the USA (and Canada) you're allowed to believe what you will and the laws will protect you from harm (as long said belief does not harm others).

What you suggest is the equivalent of you having the authority to break and enter someone else's house, Change the channel on the TV, dump all their food in their refrigirator in the garbage, burn their family album, and sleeping in their bed and telling their children that they don't have to listen to their parents.

Think it's far-fetched? Considering the history of missionaries who claimed that "they were doing this on God's authority" who have broken and entered the homes of many cultures (First Nations are a classic example), destroyed their way of life and how they made their living, Burned their ancestral beliefs and history, and taking their lands for their own use, while telling their children to not listen to their elders but to listen to their beliefs.

This practice has a name. It's called "cultural genocide".

No dear, you have no authority to do this. And for you to claim that you do, shows that you've been royally misled. When you are in another country, you're to abide to their customs and respect them. It's their home. You don't have to agree with it, but that's how it works.


bassicallymike said...


Your argumentation shows you can burn a straw dummy with the best of them.

Somebody open a window!

Unknown said...

"Burned their ancestral beliefs and history, and taking their lands for their own use, while telling their children to not listen to their elders but to listen to their beliefs."

I guess its okay when corporate America does it, huh? Google "Peru: The Curse of Inca Gold"