Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gone in Israel for the filming of Way of the Master Season 5!

Follow the Living Waters team as they film
Season 5 of "The Way of the Master" in Israel.

Filming will be the first 10 days of May in Israel.
Appreciate your prayers for this!
Click HERE to follow the blog posts of the trip.

Lord willing I will try to post on the blog during the trip as well.

As I write this, I leave for Israel in about 15 hours. It's hard to believe that the filming of The Way of the Master Season 5 is almost upon us. While preparing for this trip of a lifetime the Lord has been ministering to my heart today that in the same way I have meticulously planned this trip I need to plan meticulously for the the true trip of a lifetime - namely, heaven. That is every Christian's destination. Yet, we at times study so little about it. At times we are consumed with the plans and cares of this life that we forget to focus on where we are going! We are going to be with the King of Kings for all eternity. He has prepared a banqueting table for us to feast at. If you are born again this should excite you. You have been given the greatest invitation of a lifetime. Weddings can be spectacular events. On Friday I watched portions of the Royal Wedding and was thinking about how much preparation and money went into it - the nice clothing, big hats that covered just about every ladies face (I'm sure they cost a pretty penny)fancy cars, special music, and the list goes on. Thousands upon thousands of dollars were spent for that special day - for literally just a few short hours. And I'm sure there are some individuals that would give anything to be invited to the Royal Wedding but the one invitation I desire to receive above all invitations is to be invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! "Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb" (Rev 19: 9). Make sure that you are invited. If you're not sure that you are invited, click HERE to read what you must do tonight.


Azou said...

Why would there be a feast when nobody needs to eat?

Jenny said...

So true Trish, so true!

Jenny said...

So true Trish! Thank you for the reminder.

Michelle said...

Hi Trish...I love your blog and find you so inspirational...thanks!
My husband, Julian Batchelor, is an old friend of Ray's from NZ and fellow evangelist. He is in Israel at the moment too so will look out for you all. Could you please let Ray know he is there. He can be contacted through
Bless you heaps, Michelle xx
ps you don't need to publish this comment!