Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Church in Danger of Becoming Irrelevant, says Author

Contact: Trisha Ramos, Living Waters Publications, 800-437-1893, email@livingwaters.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 8, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- A Southern California-based ministry has given away almost 100,000 copies of a book God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life, with a cover graphic of Stephen being stoned to death and the provocative subtitle "The Myth of the Modern Message." According to the book's author, Ray Comfort, most of the books are being distributed free in an effort to turn the modern Church back to biblical evangelism. "If we don't stop telling this world that Christianity is a bed of roses without thorns," Comfort said, "we will become irrelevant in today's culture. We are getting close to being discarded salt, but it's not too late to turn this nation around."

Bible teacher and author William Fay (Share Jesus Without Fear), said of Comfort's message, "While reading this book my heart went into atrial fibrillation; it's that good! After I finished it, I couldn't sleep. There's nothing like it. It is truly from God." With the book going into a second printing, Comfort said he's encouraged that a major respected missionary organization will be sending free copies to all their missionaries.

To help spread this message, commuters in Los Angeles this month are seeing a unique billboard among the hundreds that encourage drivers to visit casinos, "gentlemen's" clubs, etc. "Hell's Best Kept Secret" is the message that actor Kirk Cameron heard in 2001 that "rocked his world." When Cameron preached that same message on a major TV network, it was so intriguing that Comfort's ministry received over one million hits on their website.

Comfort added, "We hope more Christians will take the time to listen and have a life-changing experience, and then influence their local church. With an estimated 4.5 million cars passing the billboard each month, the odds of that happening are pretty good."


Thomas Louw said...

Sounds like a great book.
Your blog and the team at Living Waters has changed my way of evagelizing.

Keep the good work.

Unknown said...

Praise Jesus for using living waters and this book to bring people to repentance and for His undeserved amazing grace. Get a box of them a pass them out to everyone in your church leadership, then be in prayer while God moves.
Our family now refer to this book as "The Orchard" because God uses it to produce much fruit!

Jeffrey & Shannon said...

Christopher- "The Orchard" - I like that thinking! How can someone get a box of books to pass out?

Randy Furco said...

Hello Trish. There is a book I just finished that left me corrected,overjoyed, weeping with joy, stronger,humbled and on fore for the lost.

"Living a Life of Fire" Reinhard Bonnke autobiography.

I know for some odd reason, there are those that do not see eye to eye with him. Can't imagine why..but you will not regret getting this book..

I see you have a heart for the lost...it will ignite that fire to amazing levels, even if you do not fall into the "pentecostal camp".

God Bless