Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Family Christian Store did about the sign

On Jan 5th I posted a blog about Family Christian Store in North Olmsted, Ohio and a sign that they were selling that replaced the word "he" for "she" in Luke 2:40.

If you didn't read it, click here and read this entry before reading the below: THIS was in a Christian bookstore? Yes

We received this email at Living Waters yesterday about the sign from Aaron K.
  • Thought you might like to hear this news I received from my sister who is in upper management in the Family Christian Stores regarding the in...correctly quoted verses in the article released by Living waters named "Hard to Believe This One!" Newsletter January 10, 2011 regarding a product quoting scripture wrong.

    Here is the email I received form her...

    Thought you'd like to see this. Just got it in my work inbox...

    The following announcement was just posted to the Intranet - please ensure all stores comply immediately. 

    Title: 01.11.11 Store Announcement - Immediate Action to remove product from sales floor

    Body: Due to Scripture being incorrectly quoted, on the products below, all stores should immediately remove them from the sales floor and hold in the back room for further instruction:

    SKU 1157640 - PLQ-For This Child-Blue 24x7.5

    SKU 1157641 - PLQ-For This Child-Pink 24x7.5

    The top of the plaque says "For This Child We Prayed". The Scripture quote from Luke 2:40 reads "And the child grew and became strong; he/she was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him/she". This quote from Luke refers to Christ, not to any infant.

I really rejoiced reading this. Thanks to Aaron K. for following up on this and for all of you that may have emailed or called them.


Jeffrey & Shannon said...

Wow, I'm surprised... but it's still more surprising that someone working at a Christian bookstore wouldn't have caught this already. Good follow-up, though.

Anonymous said...

Well that is certainly encouraging that they did that for sure... I'm with Shannon though, I can't help but wonder why it was allowed to begin with! Crazy!

I am thankful it is off the shelves though!


Fish With Trish said...

An update on the plaque issue: if you emailed Family Christian stores you should have received this response from them today:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the plaque “For This Child We Prayed.” This children’s room decoration at the center ...of this controversy is a good example of what happens when one plaque tries to communicate too much information.

First, and most importantly, Family Christian Stores is absolutely committed to the Bible as the word of God. We can assure you that we would not support or promote any translation of Luke 2:40 that changes Jesus’ gender.

The plaque “For This Child We Prayed” is made for boys and for girls and the gender in the blessing, which is based on Luke 2:40, is changed as appropriate. Of course, the boy’s blessing would look like it is the verse from the Gospel of Luke and not based on the verse from Luke. So, it would not raise the same concern as the girl’s plaque. The girl’s blessing is confusing because adding “Luke 2:40,” the source of the blessing, at the bottom of the plaque makes it look like the blessing is intended to be a scripture reference when it is not. When we purchased this product, we saw the words on the plaque as a blessing and not as an attempt to “re-translate” scripture. We now see how the plaque could be interpreted both ways. If we believed that the plaque was an attempt to change scripture, we would not have carried it in our stores.

There is wisdom in many counselors and we appreciate that this potential for misunderstanding has been brought to our attention. We have removed the plaques from our chain of stores and will not be selling this product. If you ever have concerns about our product, you should feel free to call our Customer Service department at 1-888-319-0319 We take our customers’ comments very seriously.

Family Christian Stores

Ken said...

I am also thankful Family Christian removed this from their stores. I do not know who created the plaque, but lets pray that the Lord open their eyes so they see their error.

Sarah said...

So glad to hear they removed it. But once again, this is proof that working for or in a Christian book store doesn't guarantee that you have discernment, just like it doesn't guarantee that you have salvation. Both can only come from God.
Now if only we could do something about Lifeway Christian stores still selling Joel Osteen's books and copies of "The Shack". After all they both misrepresent the Scriptures, too.
Thanks for all you do Trish!

Bob Sorensen said...

I think the bigger problem is loyalty. Yes, they have the right to make money. That's why they're in business and not running a charity. But I've been in some Christian bookstores that are more interested in marketing to the religious community than for standing for the truth.