Monday, December 14, 2009

One of Ray Comfort's tracts given to robbers during hold-up

I can only imagine the look on their faces when they
saw that the millions had the gospel on the back.
Click HERE to watch the clip.


mikeocantis said...

Praise the Lord! That was great Trish Amen!

BathTub said...

Hey Trish, since you seem to be like Ray's PR person, is Living Waters preparing any sort of press release or announcement in regards to Dr. Stan Guffey considering legal action over his work that Ray stole?

Fish With Trish said...

I guess I must not be his PR person afterall because it's not ringing any bells... :-)

Then again I've been busy working on other things for the ministry so I could be out of the loop.

Why don't you try asking Ray on his blog or by emailing the ministry?

BathTub said...

Well that's what I thought I was doing. Ray's ignored all the questions on his blog about it for the past couple of months, and there is no obvious 'contact us' link on the LW front page. Do have a email address to suggest?

Fish With Trish said...

You do realize that Ray is a pretty busy person and gets a ton of comments. I can bearly keep up with the ones I I certainly don't know how he's doing it all.

Have you tried contacting the ministry via this link?

All the contact info is on there.

BathTub said...