Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The name of the animal revealed....

I've decided on the name...drum roll, please...the name is... "Doggit"!
I'll tell you what it's for in shortly...


ExPatMatt said...


No offense AussieJohn, but that was definitely not the best name that was proposed.


Why were the last two posts labeled 'evolution'?

Didn't we establish some time ago, when you posted similar photoshopped critters, that you don't know anything about science (evolution in particular) and you only make yourself look foolish when you pretend to?

Well, you're only doing your own mission harm; when we can't trust you to be honest about things we can verify, how can we trust you to be honest about things we can't?


Melanie said...

It has kinda a big mouth for that little belly. Frighteningly cute lol

Fish With Trish said...

"Why were the last two posts labeled 'evolution'? "

I'll explain soon.

Debunkey Monkey said...

Too bad evolutionary theory states that we should never see a doggit. It's so cute! ^_^

ExPatMatt said...


I am giddy with anticipation.

Lissie Darcy said...

The doggit is a deformed, freaky way.

You are keeping us in suspense Trish! What's this all about? I'm anxious to know..