Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Good Without God' Ad Campaign

An ad campaign has begun in New York City's subway system to promote a coalition of groups that advocate secularism and atheism - it will run for a month. My question to these folks... "What is good?"


Paul Latour said...

"What IS good?" Good question!

You can add to the one million New Yorkers a great number of evangelical protestants, roman catholics, emergent adherents, jehovah witnesses, mormons and any other faction that identifies itself as "Christian".

The true Body of Christ is alive, well, strong and numerous but will always be a remnant.

God is Sovereign! God IS good!

Sam said...

What a great open door for witnessing!!!

Hey mate, did you read that sign?


So, would you consider yourself to be a good person?

Make the most of the next month!!

stranger.strange.land said...

Good thinking, Sam. That's what I call Providence at work: )


Anna Sethe said...

I smell Godwin coming but: You're good when a society could prosper with only people behaving like you.

ExPatMatt said...

Hey Sam,

You're taking a break from torturing frogs in your quest to disprove evolution I see!

How's that going?

'What is good?' is actually a good question.

The first usage in Merriam-Webster is;

"Of a favourable character or tendency".

Personally I'm not sure if there are a million such people in New York!


Angela Belt-Newcom said...

That is a great open door for witnessing!

Nohm said...

"Good" is doing things that benefit other people, without (or at least greatly minimizing) harming people in the process.

That's my definition, at least.

Nohm said...

Eh, I guess I'd also add:

"Good is that which works."

Fish With Trish said...

I agree, Sam!

Nohm said...
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Nohm said...

Gah, I keep messing this up. One last try!

"Good" is that which benefits people, without harming (or at least greatly minimizing that harm) other people.

Lissie Darcy said...

@ Mr. Matt

"What is good?" is a good question to ask. And it can be easily answered if you read the Bible. If you were to answer it in one sentence however, "God is good" would be a fairly simple answer.

Cheerio my friend!!,