Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Even Kids Pass Out Tracts!

Meet Gabye. You might remember her from this post a while back. Well, she is still at it and passing out tracts like crazy all over town. Just the other night after our Friday church service I heard a wonderful message from the Word of God, with a great time of worship and then to top it off Gabye ran up to me with her big smile and said, "Look! I got a new tract purse!" Then she opened it up, as fast as she could, to show me all of her tracts inside, and I just about fell over--isn't she adorable!


mikeocantis said...

That's great Trish the kids are doing that wow, Praise God!

Fish With Trish said...

I know!

Her mom says that it's convicting! Gabye will say, "Mom, did you give a tract to that person."

It's really good accountability.


Lissie Darcy said...

Oh my goodness Gabye is an inspiration to us all!!! Go Gabye!!!!!!!!

How old is Gabye Trish?


Fish With Trish said...

Lissie, she's only 5. :-)

L R Caudill said...

This is great and gives me an idea to give purse/tracts to an interested child. Lord bless you both.