Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A good excuse NOT to take a tract

I was running errands tonight and walked into Wal-Mart for a few things. As I cleared the doorway, I noticed four gentlemen coming towards me. They were standing quite close to each other, almost like they were huddled together. I reached out my hand, to the man in the front, and said, "Did you get one of these?" He didn't even turn to me. He didn't look at me. In fact, he didn't seem to move to the right or the to the left. He had sunglasses on--which I thought was strange since it was after 8pm. He kept his hands behind his back and walked straight ahead. "How rude." I thought to myself. "Oh well...I'll just see if one of the other nice gentlemen will care to take a gospel tract."

So I reached out my hand towards the man in the back of the small group and said, "Did you get one of these?" He politely smiled and took it. I was thankful.

Then I saw a familiar face. The Wal-Mart Greeter at the door. Each week I try to give her a new tract. She turned to me shaking her head and said, "That man sure did need one of those gospel messages!"

"Really?" I inquired.

"Yes." She added. "He needed to read it because he was on his way to jail!"

"That's terrible!" I exclaimed.

"Yep...He just stole something!" She added. "And his hands were cuffed behind his back. So that's why he couldn't reach out to grab your million dollar bill. These poor kids just break my heart these days."

"No wonder he was acting so weird, Ma'am.... I guess he had a good excuse not to take the tract." I smiled.


ExPatMatt said...

Don't worry, apparently lots of people find God in jail. place for Him really.

I kid, I kid!

k said...

For real... you didn't notice the guy was *handcuffed*?

Your lack of attention to detail might explain your belief system... no?

ExPatMatt said...

Ooooohh no you didn't!

Melanie said...

Wow Trish they're infiltrating your blog also. Hmm okay.

ANYway, something that happened to me recently at my Easter service....

We have our services at Irvine Meadows (Verizon.... I can't ever get used to that!) and I brought tracts with me to give to the staff there. The only ones that would take them were the women, and the two guys that I tried to hand them to actually pulled their hand away. I just laughed and figured they must have seen them before. It actually made me feel better because I know my fellow Christians are trying to witness to these guys.

Have a great week, Trish. :)

ExPatMatt said...

"Wow Trish they're infiltrating your blog also. Hmm okay."Were you under the impression that this was some sort of members only club?

We didn't exactly jump the fence and climb the wall to get in here, you know.

Melanie said...

Hi Matt. :) Hope you're doing well.

ExPatMatt said...

Absolutely super, Melanie, thanks for asking.

All the best to you and yours.