Friday, March 27, 2009

Atheists post billboards around DFW

I've been receiving emails about this billboard and I hadn't read the short Associated Press article that was written about the billboard until my friend Jason emailed this morning. Here's a portion of the article. Pay close attention to the Chairman, I'll explain in a minute who he is:

DALLAS — A group of atheists has posted two billboards on busy North Texas highways to reassure those who don’t believe in God...They remain covered until a scheduled unveiling Monday. Metroplex Atheists Chairman Terry McDonald says the group isn’t trying to attract believers in God or convert them to atheism. "It’s to let those people who don’t believe know that they’re not alone and that there are a lot of groups that they can become involved in," he said. — The Associated Press

This is the billboard that will be uncovered:

My friend Jason emailed and asked me this morning, "didn't you witness to this group once? or the group leader?" Then I quickly scanned the article and sure enough it was Terry McDonald! I contacted Terry in 2007 and asked him if he wanted to be on The Way of the Master Radio to talk about atheism and Christianity. He gladly agreed. We met at the Southlake Town Square and He ended up on two segments of the program and heard a clear gospel presentation. In fact, if you go to, Terry is the 3rd picture (from the left) on my header. He's the gentleman with the beard in the green shirt.

I'm just glad that he heard the gospel!

And for all the atheists out there, we don't mind the least bit that you are posting these billboards because they provide a wonderful springboard to talk about spiritual things, Heaven and Hell, death and the afterlife, how one can be saved from God's wrath, etc.

Special thank you to all my atheist friends.


ExPatMatt said...

You're welcome...

...I didn't do anything, but you're welcome all the same!

I prefer this billboard to the 'There's probably no God...' one. That one was a bit too much like evangelizing/recruiting, this is much more of a supportive message and Trish, I agree with your sentiment that it is a great springboard for a discussion about spiritual matters.

Nothing wrong with discussing religion/atheism/death/afterlife topics and anything that breaks the ice is a good thing.

Now...about that previous post....

LorMarie said...

Happy Birthday! I could not find the prompt to write the greeting on your Myspace page.

Fish With Trish said...

ExPatMatt, working on a response. Thanks.

LorMarie, thank you. You're a bit early. :-)

ExPatMatt said...

Thanks Trish!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a great springboard, especially if your driving past it with an unbeliever. Though I think instead of "Don't believe in God?" it should say "Don't want to believe in God?"

God Bless,

Quasar said...

Hello all. Just found this blog. I'll keep an eye on it: looks like it covers some interesting ground...


ExPatMatt said...


You said,

"Though I think instead of "Don't believe in God?" it should say "Don't want to believe in God?"

Whether you want to or not, if you don't believe in God, you don't believe in God; motivation is irrelevant. I know a number of atheists who really do want God to be real, but don't believe He is.

Other than that, your comment was great!


Q-man, welcome to the blog! There's a few interesting folks here for sure. It's hard work getting a response from people sometimes, but we're all busy I guess!

Logic Lad said...

Ex pat

Very good point, I think nearly all people at some point would like to believe that there is some great scheme behind all the happenings in the world and that we need not fear death because there is a beautiful land to find beyond. I know I have moments when it would be lovely to allow the irrational desire to override the rational reality. But unfortunatly I just can't turn the bit of my brain off that keeps saying 'Show me the evidence'. Faith is a wonderful and terrifying thing, I am both in awe of people who can continue to believe something in the face of all reason and terrified by what it can then allow them to do, and still be sure they are goodly and right.

Just to repeat Ex pats point, i don't choose to not believe, i simply don't, because all the 'evidence' that has ever been put forward would not amount to a passing grade in a secondary school science write up. now that is not to say that i 'know' there is no god, lack of evidence is not proof of non existence, but it does mean that the theory of no god has yet to be disproved.

Taxandrian said...


It's great you see these billboards as a springboard to evangelisation and witnessing.
And here's the good news: you can actually help to get more of them up. Most of the billboards are paid for by donations. Just do a Google search with the keywords 'atheist billboard donations' and you're just a few clicks away from donating and getting more atheist billboards out there.

And since it all helps getting people talking about Heaven, Hell, afterlife, salvation and all that, you wouldn't be tight-fisted and only donate a few dollars, would you? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm just basing that statement off Psalm 14:1 "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.' They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good." People don't want to believe in the God, because He is just. They either want to believe there is no God, and therefore will not be held accountable for the lives they live, or they want to believe in a God who cannot be known, or is all-loving. It truly is foolishness to say there is no God. I would like to suggest that most who profess to be atheists don't hold true to their beliefs, because then they would have to admit that morals are not needed in society.

Taxandrian said...

It's always funny to see how Christians relish in the fact that their Bible allows them to call non-believers 'fools'.

I bet that felt good, didn't it Shannon? ;)

As for the rest of your comment; what is your beef with atheists, exactly? After all, you're one yourself: why don't you want to believe in Zeus? Why don't you want to believe in Odin? Or Quetzalcoatl?

Yet on the other hand: why do you want to believe in (and even worship) a God that kills babies, simply to convince a Pharaoh he made un-convincible himself to begin with?

Just remember:

Atheism is to religion what bald is to hair colour.

Take care,

Reynold said...

I would like to suggest that most who profess to be atheists don't hold true to their beliefs, because then they would have to admit that morals are not needed in society.
I would like to suggest, Shannon, that that statement is stupid. Where do you get the idea that atheists don't believe in, or want, morals?

Logic Lad said...


Where do you get the impression that all morality if derived from the bible, You are aware that there we perfectly stable societies that existed before the men who wrote the book that you are refering to where ever born. You don't suppose that some of the ideas in it may have been influenced by those who came before?

I will again say, becuase you must have missed it last time, I don't choose to disbelieve, do you choose to not believe in bertrands teapot? It is for the person who is makeing the extraodinary claim (ie that there is a god) to prove it with extraodinary evidence, and i am afraid one ancient text of dubious veracity does not constitute sufficent evidence.

Why is is foolish to refuse to buy into an idea when you can see no evidence it is correct. surely that is the whole basis of intelligence, the ability to consider the options and choose the most likely.

Please try to refrain from trying to tell me what i think, if you want to know ask.

ExPatMatt said...


You said;

"ExPatMatt, working on a response. Thanks.


March 28, 2009 2:13 PM

Has this dropped off the to-do list or is it a work in progress?



Anonymous said...

About the comment about calling non-believers fools. Does it feel good? You assume to think think that by me quoting a verse that states that those who say "no God" are fools would bring me joy. In fact it does the exact opposite.

Its easy for me to say that atheism taken to its full extend would be the denial of moralities because what would be the point of being moral if there were no judge? No one would have a right to say what is right and what is wrong. If we are all to just return to the dust, to cease existing, then why would it matter for someone to kill another? Why does anything matter? This is why people don't want to believe in God, because then it excuses every immoral behavior.

Taxandrian, do you know what atheism means? The current definition is the doctrine that there is no God. Sounding a bit like a Roman. The Romans called Christians atheists too.

Why do I worship the God of the Bible and not the roman gods or the muslim god, because Jehovah alone is worthy to be worshiped. Perfect in holiness, righteousness, and goodness. And though I once hated Him with every ounce of my body, deserving of hell from the moment of birth, He shed His own blood for my soul. And in my wickedness He cause me to be born again, not at all by my choosing. How can I deny the one who saved my soul? That is why I do not take joy in saying unbelievers are fools because I once was the same fool, living in the greatest sin.

How can God kill babies? Because He is God and no other, deserving of all praise, glory and honor. But man is born radically depraved. Do I know if He takes those babies to heaven, I cannot say yes or no, and I believe God purposely did not tell us His judgment in that. Now that answer I would assume would cause more hatred in you for Him, but I praise Him either way.

You want evidence that God exists, open up your eyes. If God didn't exist, then why would people care about killing babies, or why would people cry at funerals? Think logically.
Sorry if I haven't answered, or answered them completely (I am limited on time)

May God be merciful,

(I won't be writing more on this but feel free to email if you truly want to have a serious discussion on God, not just to debate, and I'll set aside time to write)

ExPatMatt said...

Oh Shannon,

You must have been one mean atheist.

Tell me, how many babies did you eat during your foolish heathen days?

I myself can only gobble down 3-4 a month before I start to feel sick and murdering people takes up so much time (well, disposing of the bodies does; the killing is actually pretty quick) that I only get to do a couple a year! And don't get me started on rape...

Ah yes, the life of an atheist is just one debauched, hedonistic orgy after another, it's a wonder we have time to do anything else.

It's a good job I don't believe in God, eh? Then I'd be forced to stop my evil ways and live a moral lifestyle and I wouldn't want that now, would I?


Let us know when you've climbed down from your high horse and are ready to engage in a civilized, grown-up discussion, won't you?

Logic Lad said...


There are lots on non religious reasons for not doing all the bad things you said. On a practical level there is the law, on a personal level there is the golden rule, you know, do unto others and you would have then do unto you, and basic humanity. I can tell right from wrong, becuase i can empathise with others feelings.

Please go a look at this font of morallity you claim is so good, it is full of god sponsered genocide, slavery, and murder. I am afraid such high, religious, morals such as these offend my base athiest feelings. I mean i just can't bring myself to think that slavery and murder should ever be a good thing.

While Ex Pat may have been a little harsh he is quite correct, you really need to look beyond your prejudice and except that people who don't believe in bible are quite capable of being moral and ethical.

Fish With Trish said...


Not sure if you read ProfWeather's comments on slavery, but I don't have much more to add then what he posted. I think he did a fine job of answering the question.

That's why you've been hearing crickets on my part. :-)