Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Happened on Darwin's Birthday?

While atheists were rejoicing over the 200th year anniversary of Darwin's birth, these two young men were hearing the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ on Wretched Radio. It was a good day. First meet Sterling, a "Christian" who says he "is going to Purgatory". After he spoke with Todd Friel, Sterling was very moved by the gospel. He asked me to turn off the camera and could barely speak...he was overwhelmed by what he heard. One thing he made very clear was that he was going "straight home" to think about everything.
Meet Steven, an agnostic who explains why he believed in evolution, which was perfect for the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. Steven listened to me share the gospel with him after he got off the air but unfortunety he was bent with believing that his atheistic worldview was the only correct worldview. He wasn't as open-minded as I thought he would be. :-)


Brian's Kodak Moments said...


This has nothing to do with Darwin. I was looking at your photo gallery and several of the captions in your family photo gallery do not match the photo. Just thought you might want to know.

God Bless You!


Fish With Trish said...

Brian, they do match. Just make sure that when you click on the photo that your cursor isn't on a different pic. If it is, than it will show that pics caption. :-)