Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christian Women Online

I had an interview today with Sunny Shell from Christian Women Online. We met at the University of North Texas in Denton. Usually I'm the one doing the interviewing...but, today, it was my turn to be interviewed. And you guessed it...we talked about my favorite subject: Evangelism and the glory of God. But, not only is it my favorite subject...it's Sunny's too. And we had a couple of great one-2-one witnessing encounters on the campus today after the interview. Sunny truly has a heart for the lost and when she contacted me to do an interview for the magazine, back in Nov of 2008, I was overjoyed. It's our hope that women will be encouraged by this interview and moved with compassion to share their faith like never before. Please keep this in prayer. The interview will be in the March Edition of Christian Women Online. I'll keep you posted as more of the details come together.

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